There Will be Chyna

The song during the time lapse is ‘Men of Action’ from my band Driftless Pony Club’s newest album, Magnicifent! Here’s the itunes link: Platoon of Power Squadron Chicago screening! They’re showing Episodes 4, 5, and 6 despite what it says. Join Team Beard for the SuperNote by leaving a video response to this video Other Channels: MAIN GAMING iPHONE Instagram Google+ Facebook Twitter Wheezy App Website Store http Shoes

[youtube 8ECJsij2luA]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Ed Tritton:


  2. Meeny McSweeny:

    When you were chewing your cereal, I was chewing on my quesadilla.

    Wheezy…I’m scared.

  3. MrsRice1016:

    2:28 the instant heartstopping moment when you know your «significant other» is going to be mad that you broke one of the dishes. Eyes close tightly shut, heart stops, blood runs cold, and then you catch it and all is well. Kind of like when you flush the toilet, and it tricks you into thinking its going to clog up and at the very last minute it says, «just kidding» and flushes and all is well. Cheerio 🙂

  4. OwenBruch22:

    Yes! I got my daily dose of Chyna!

  5. OwenBruch22:

    Hey I just saw you beat them! Congratulations!

  6. Lily Holland:

    You dont have dairy milk? O.O

  7. jeanluc6430:

    Cracklin Oates. Hells yes.

  8. Brigham Bartol:

    I never said they were (or at least I never meant to, sorry if I was being unclear). I just said that Great Britain is not the same thing as England, which seems to be what you were saying.

    Just because Eng. Scot. and Wales are part of the United Kingdom, which is on the Island of Great Britain, doesn’t mean that Scotland and Wales are a part of England, which is what you said originally… The difference seems insignificant to us in North America, but it’s significant to them

  9. JanusPapers:

    England, Scotland, and Wales aren’t separate countries though…They haven’t been for many centuries.

  10. Brigham Bartol:

    I was exaggerating a little bit to make a point (although let it be known that I, as a Canadian, have met people who think Canada is part of the US). Ask any person from Scotland or Wales if they’re English they’re very likely to get offended. Great Britain and England aren’t interchangeable terms. Great Britain encompasses the large island with England, Scotland, and Wales. England is just one country on that island.

  11. SirYippingtonSmithe:

    A lot of people abbreviate to «America» when referring to the United States of America. People also refer to Canada and Mexico as being in America, but referring to the continent North America, not the US. You would be mistaken to confuse the US with North America, just as you are to confuse England with the UK. Your assertion that Scotland and Wales are just regions in the UK is incorrect, they together with N. Ireland and England are constituent states that together make up the United Kingdom.

  12. JanusPapers:

    Thing is, neither Mexico nor Canada are under the dominion of the United States. Wales and Scotland have been under the dominion of the ENGLISH CROWN for CENTURIES. Wales and Scotland are nothing more than regions of the same country. That country is Great Britain/England. The difference between England/GB and the commonwealth known as the rest of the United Kingdom I can see.

  13. Brigham Bartol:

    You realize that’s almost like saying Mexico and Canada are the same thing as the United States, right?

  14. Maxtf1999:

    he is actually a lot stronger that I thought that he was…

  15. Nick Bonk:

    I’m proud to be called a wheezynewser, protagonist, and beard lover

  16. Alassieth:

    Well then, I hate you.
    (:P Not really but that kind of thinking really frustrates me.)

  17. itirzotir:

    stuff you should know is the best!!

  18. JanusPapers:

    Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland are still England to me…but only because in my mind I consider GB, England, and UK to be pretty much analogous. One of those moments when I know that they’re technically different places but I don’t really care.

  19. Mikey Jones:

    I love being forced into being careful