Best Tablets of 2012!

Top 5 Tablets of 2012! Thumbs up! Nexus 10 — iPad 4 — iPad Mini — Nexus 7 — Surface — iPad Mini vs Nexus 7: Pricing and Availability Nexus 10: iPad 4: Nexus 7: iPad Mini: Microsoft Surface: Transformer Pad Infinity: Kindle Fire HD: Galaxy Note 10.1: Intro Track: ASDF Movie Song Outro Track: «Channel 41» by Deadmau5 ~

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ipad 7

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  1. Joseph Hall:

    This is one of the best videos I’ve ever seen on YouTube to date!!! Great job!!!

  2. d8910productions:

    To top it off. Nividia announced product shield and (I don’t know the company) but someone announced ouya. Both of these gaming platforms are definitely going to bring more games to the android platform.

    With nividia project shield we saw that the tegra 4 can display games at 4k resolutions. The nividia ahiled is almost guaranteed to be used in the next nexus 7.

  3. d8910productions:

    Dude even if it was better we have proof that more games look better on the nexus than the iPad mini. Death trigger, sonic 4 episode 2, horn, shadow gun, granny smith etc.. You only have ONE example and that game just SCREAMS unoptimised.

    I choose gameplay and performance. The nexus has plenty of good looking games and emulators. (Have you ever even tried these emulators because they run and look good.)

    Wow one example. It’s not like there are like 20 on android s side.

  4. mrferesg:

    You proved that the nexus 7 had a better GPU without proof. I gave proof : GLBenchmark! and by the way offscreen benchs are not affected by screen res.
    Can you tell me what android apps are optimised for tablets???
    And why would you pick performance over graphics when you can get both??
    I gave you the example of asphalt 7, it’s not a small editor not so popular, it’s a popular one! If they can’t make an android game as popular as asphalt 7 (not 1 or 2) i bet toons of games are even worse…

  5. d8910productions:

    Dude now you’re just being desperate. The nexus has plenty of tablet optimized apps. Also, graphics don’t make the game gameplay does. If you choose graphics over gameplay then you re a moron. I also already proved that the nexus has a stronger GPU than the mini.

    Thanks for proofing that you’re a fanboy.

  6. mrferesg:

    I guess that if a game is made and optimised for the nexus 7 it still doesn’t change the fact that the A5’s GPU is almost 2x fast
    anandtech . com/show/6429/ipad-mini-review/7

  7. mrferesg:

    dude even this guy admits that the ipad mini is better than the nexus 7 for gaming, and he’s an android fan into tweaks and costum roms :
    And game center is far better than open feint
    and i would much rather play Borderlands Legends ( again, ipad exclusive) than mario in super low res.
    Comparing a PS1 emulator game to an ipad is like PS1 vs PS3
    And by the way can you tell me a single game that is an android exclusive olther than emulators??? Bet you can’t

  8. mrferesg:

    Atleast the iPad doesn’t pretend to be a phone or an outdated Gameboy or nintendo or a ps1. The iPad is a tablet because it runs tablet optimised apps and tablet optimised games. It runs apps designed for it’s screen size and resolution, not a game for qHD phones or even wvga with terrible textures and quality and graphics.It’s the best tablet for gaming because gaming is made for it and doesn’t scale for different devices unlike android tablets, even developers release apps and games on ios 1st

  9. d8910productions:

    I said most games are made on nexus devices so they are optimised. I never claimed it’s more optimised than the mini. It’s kinda like how Xbox multi plats are optimised because they are made for the Xbox. Also, developers don’t have to do much to optimize apps for different processors.

  10. mrferesg:

    The nexus 7 is more optimised than the iPad mini is the funniest joke ever : apple has to work with the A5 A5X and A6x in tablets and 1024*768 or 2048*1536 for tablets, while android has to work for the Snapdragon S4 and S4 Pro, The exynos 4412 quad and the dual and the 5250 and the tegra 2 and tegra 3 with tablets that are 1280*800 or 1920*1080 or 1024*600 or 2560*600 and more in various aspect ratios. What do you mean by all ios games aren’t optimised?? they are unlike the n7!

  11. d8910productions:

    All I claimed is that all ios games aren’t optimised.

    You would rather take gimmicky touch screen games like infinity blade over super Mario 64 and crash 1 2 and 3. The emulators don’t have black borders because the android system is smart enough to scale apps.

    As for fragmentation the nexus has pretty much none. Aside from running the latest applications most apps are developed on android devices.

    Android has multiplayer and open feint for achievements (though open feints isn’t as good.

  12. mrferesg:

    The iPad mini is pretty much the same hardware of the iPad 2 so iPad apps run on it and are optimised for it just fine it’s not in android alias the fragmentation world. As for the emulators, i would rather have a true exclusive game that is made for a tablet than one with black borders and super low res, and for the optimised games the list goes on and on. Also iOS has multiplayer and achievements and scores with game center.As for the controlers there is some for iOS devices

  13. d8910productions:

    Not every game is optimised for the mini. There are over 275,000 apps optimised for the mini but not all of those are games. All of the multi plats run pretty much the same on both platforms (besides asphalt 7). As for exclusives. The nexus has all genesis, nes, SNES, n64, game gear, and psx games through emulation. I can also play most touch games and all emulated games with my Wii, ps3, or Xbox 360 controller.

  14. EnhancedExhaust:


  15. Edward Ferguson:

    Love your videos! Two thumbs up!

  16. skaterx4708:

    Nexus 10/7

  17. mrferesg:

    not enough space, i can give you more exclusive games if you want to. and by the way since a lot of apps are used in landscape it’s better on the ipad thanks to it’s aspect ratio, you see more.

  18. mrferesg:

    while you’re talking about optimisation, you may have a few tegra zone games on the nexus 7, but ALL THE IPAD GAMES in the app store are optimised for the iPad mini. and there is alot more exclusive games :
    Fifa 13
    Infinity blade 1 and 2
    street fighter x tekken
    Batman Arkham City Lockdown
    walking dead
    the room
    Defenders of Ardania
    Through the Cliff
    Ninja Pong
    Conquer Online
    Sparkle 2: EVO
    steambirds Survival
    Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy
    Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing

  19. d8910productions:

    Asphalt 7 is the ONLY game that runs better on the mini (at least that I can think of). I’m sad that I waisted my money on that crap. Should’ve bought need for speed instead. The nexus performs better in death trigger, shadow gun, sonic 4 ep 2, horn, granny smith.. The list goes on and on. Just look in tegra zone they have plenty of optimised games there. All of which look and run better on the nexus.

  20. mrferesg:

    i have to agree with the fact that tegra optimised games have better graphics and effects on the nexus 7, but the ipad mini is better when it comes to optimized games, games run faster, framerates are consistent, and the textures are far better: in asphalt 7, cars in the nexus 7 look like a toy, fake, jagged edges…while on the ipad mini it’s optimized for the resolution and graphics and textures look better despite the lower res screen. and have you ever played asphalt 7 on the nexus??TERRIBLE

  21. d8910productions:

    Not really. Tegra optimised games have better graphics and run better than their ios counterparts.,

  22. mrferesg:

    well the mini is faster with or without the «weight»

  23. d8910productions:

    I said it has less pixels to push. With your logic you can say a man is stronger if he runs faster than a man with a 100 lb. Weight on his back when he is only carrying a 25 lb weight.

  24. mrferesg:

    check glbenchmark on anandtech ( offscreen 1080p ) :
    iPad mini : 14 fps
    Nexus 7 : 8.2 fps
    ==> 1.7x faster!
    and offscreen means that the banchmark is testing the GPU no matter what the resolution is.

  25. Narendra Wadhavane:

    wts ur height ?