Just Don’t Fall — the 301 second rule [JDF #6]

Matthew and Josh open a new box of sweet cereal. Please check out my book on Amazon! amzn.to …………………………. HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR PHOTO Send your photo with my book to Photos@Josh Sundquist.com. If you want your channel name included in the video, please put it in the subject line. Alternatively, you can also upload your photo on my Facebook page (www.Facebook.com or snap it on Daily Booth and tag it with @JoshSundquist. Photos will be posted in the order in which they are recieved. Please be patient as it may take a while before you see your photo. …………………………. FOLLOW ME! www.Twitter.com www.Facebook.com www.DailyBooth.com www.JoshSundquist.com …………………………. FAQ WHERE CAN I BUY YOUR BOOK? I recommend you order it on Amazon.com. (http I DON’T LIKE PAYING SHIPPING. CAN I GET IT AT THE BOOKSTORE? Yes, my book is published in the US, Canada, Germany, Australia or New Zealand, so if you live in one of those places, any bookstore can order it for you. WHAT IF I LIVE IN ANOTHER COUNTRY LIKE, SAY, NORTH KOREA OR EUROPE? Just search for it on Amazon.com. If you live in North Korea, you have much worse problems than being unable to buy my book at your local bookstore. Also, Europe is not a country. It’s a continent. WHAT IF I LIVE IN ANTARCTICA? Shut up, troll. WILL YOUR PAPERBACK BE IN BOOKSTORES? Yes, in North America. SO IN JANUARY I CAN GO TO BARNES AND NOBLE AND SIT AT STARBUCKS AND READ IT FOR FREE? Yes. But if you’re really

[youtube xjfxazkOFh4]

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комментария 23

  1. Kat Beaumont:

    Your parents were so hard on you! I’m so sorry! But this is awesome. I need to get a copy of your book.

  2. Emmy Georgia:

    I love the way you do Mattews voice!

  3. 14Iqraa:

    Lmfao so cute!! aaaooooooo! 😀

  4. Freddy Bear:

    OH MY GOSH. The Dick Van Dyke show LOLLLL

  5. Monkey55627:

    0:48 Why does the clock say 9:03?

  6. Rachellovsu:

    YEHSHH! lol

  7. peepla7:

    What a great vid! Wonderful story and the live drawings were off the chain! Subbing! I’m gonna find this book for my grandkids…in the meantime…gonna send this link to them.

  8. JohnsonKayleigh:

    This is so gay!!

  9. 8bitVincent:

    Is Matthew your brother? Because I can’t find him in the my family video!

  10. chelseafcrox:

    Thweet thereal!

  11. pufflover63:

    uhh,what if ur already a girl? just saying

  12. xXpandalovex:

    i love the way you said «thweet thereal»

  13. neonnoise13:

    did your parents really instal that horrible device on your tv??

  14. Sara Dirani:

    Bumble Bee Boy

  15. Jaylecialee:

    The Penis Van Homosexual show. LMAO! that never gets old.

  16. blueshark281:

    i remember this christmas eve last year

  17. armitx9:

    He went to New York and and look for a homeless guy. Then, gained his trust and send him to Europe where he will raise a family and some cash to get a jet pack that will make you travel there. When he got there, look for a skull shaped rock. He broke it and found a neon green, glow in the dark meteor that has an arrow that points to some location. He followed it and he found an alien spaceship. There, aliens taught him the secret to drawing with markers. The end.

  18. CandyDevelPink:

    I love your videos there awesome

  19. nomielpenguino:

    0:45 Growing or groin pains? 🙂

  20. harvey thomas:

    i love these

  21. poperTCU:

    u r good at drawing

  22. work1able:

    do you guys see the random things?!If you dont pause at 1:47 and look at the bottom of the cerial box xD!!!

  23. TheBunnycorn:

    who the f dislikes these?!