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A big thanks to llaauuddrruupp for allowing me to use his huge archive of videos of Michael, i would recommend visiting his youtube page and checking out his great collection. This is my compilation of my favourite player, hope you enjoy it, he isnt as well known as the likes of pele, cruyff or maradona but he is undoubtly one of the greatest players ever to have played the game and should be spoken of in the same way those three players are. A true gent of the game, never saw a red card, a master of the ‘blind pass’ and his vision was probably the best in the game. Tags: michael laudrup brian laudrup andreas laudrup mads laudrup pep guardiola barcelona real madrid ajax brondby juventus platini cruyff cruijff jose mourinho dream team koeman stoichkov ferrer bakero maradona pele beckenbaur playmaker pass blind pass no look pass through ball 5 0 goal assist football soccer denmark llaauuddrruupp peterk87 raul figo catalan liverpool spain england italy world cup brazil argentina epic emotional compilation.

[youtube LUMFlhLWzZ0]

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  1. thecoachdiary:

    Truly Brilliant, now that is a football player!

  2. rodcrippler:

    I think Xavi is the closest you can get to Laudrup, Iniesta’s playing has more in common with Zidane’s…Laudrup was fantastic back in the day, so sad he never got the media attention he deserved, tho it’s good that great today’s playmakers like Xavi, Iniesta or Silva are getting enough coverage

  3. Dan H:

    For the people that couldn’t be arsed to sit through 11 mins

  4. ChrisakacIoud:

    I would say Iniesta is closer to Laudrup than Silva, and I think Iniesta had posters of him at La Masia, Guardiola too.

  5. Spam88JJ:

    watching video 14:25 +1 gmt. 11-01-13 about a week since last.

  6. MikeWeezie:

    My favorite player of all time. Thank God for there is a new laudrup. His name is David Silva and funny enough, Laudrup is Silvas idol

  7. EliteEspeon:

    I love this guy. Better than Zidane — no contest.

  8. Michael Rømer:

    He never recieved a red card in his pro career, thats amazing! 😀

  9. SightForMemories:

    Easy peacy… the masters can relax, because they have the reliance on skill… think thats what cruyff meant..

  10. 08023122647:

    I guess Michael is pretty underrated but I think he was just lost in between eras. I mean I have never heard of him before that whole talk of him joining Liverpool. Although once I saw him play for the first time it gave me goose bums, particularly his ability to read the game so well. People may not know of him but just give them the link to some of these videos and they will never forget this Danish genius.

  11. Thorismond:

    top playmaker in the same category as Hagi-think they played together at Real Madrid-a true oldskool maste of the game-big respect from Romania…..

  12. Walter Sanhueza:


  13. Bonelocen:

    Even Zidane knows it, sadly kids like you won’t ever get it, but WE do!

  14. GrinddalCPH:

    Im sorry but this almost made me cry for some reason.. I always found Michael to be so mysterious, so quiet and humble, and deservant of so much more praise than the likes of some of todays overinflated ego’s.. He never got the recognition he deserved.. One thing I always wandered was if Laudrup was a tad bit Depressed. God on the pitch..

  15. Jens Peter Simonsen:

    Cruyff mentioned that he was only going on 80-90% — that’s a mistake in my humble opinion. He made it look soo easy because he saw the play that tick earlier than the rest and acted accordingly…with the little skill he had ;o) The greatest attacking midfielder of all time: he found holes in defence where there were none..Thanks!!

  16. Jens Peter Simonsen:

    Were where you when he re-invented it with the first Dream Team in barcelona?

  17. iViperz RS:

    Michael Jordan groped balls , Michael Laudrup kicked them.

  18. pofcross:


  19. garoteperu:

    what an elegant player

  20. eden chelsea:

    best playmaker in the world

  21. bmf439:

    he would have fit perfectly in to the tiki-taka system