BEST TECH & GEEK GIFTS UNDER $50! (2012 Holiday Gift Guide)

BEST TECH & GEEK GIFTS UNDER ! (2012 Holiday Gift Guide) New Trent iDual 5200 mAh battery () Belkin Conserve Power Strip with Remote () Cyber Acoustics CA-3602 2.1 Speaker System () Apple Earpods () Logitech Bluetooth Tablet Keyboard () iPod Shuffle (-49) Spigen SGP GLAS.tR for iPhone 5 () Andru Android Robot USB Wall Charger () JVC HARX700 Over-Ear Headphones () Android Eats Apple Shirt () Samson USB Go Mic () Kinivo BTH220 Bluetooth Headphones ()

[youtube s8Q5thsc_gA]

ipod 5

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комментария 24

  1. WEFUNNY19:


  2. moto815:

    i liked the t shirt where to buy?

  3. Hanno Reimer:

    Ram-Upgrade is only possible with the 27″ iMacs right?

  4. HoJun Lee:

    You should make these kind of videos every so often to update newer models and newer gadgets for gifts! Just a suggestion so it if someone watches this sometime later, it isn’t completely outdated. 🙂

  5. Luke Calder:

    You have the perfect voice for this kind of stuff!!

  6. Sharkyy333:

    you are just throwing your money away…

  7. olegcrysis1:

    Is it wrong that Ibbought a 225€ keyboard and 350€ headphones?

  8. Ryan oboryshko:

    You forgot the JXD S18

  9. George Monsivais:

    Make the $100 one

  10. lieuwex:

    «Android eats apple shirt» sounds a bit robotic.

  11. Sportsman134:

    are the sennheiser mm 55i a good deal for 50 bucks?? (mainly for bass)

  12. Liutkusss:

    make under a 100$

  13. brownboii305:

    can you do a video of the best TVS so far this year that are good and cheap?

  14. Kyle Settle:

    Dew a video for gifts under 200$

  15. Matotosh:

    New Trent iDual 5200 or Astro Mini 2600

  16. 1000cocklover:


  17. Goodspeedko:

    Fuck da shirt

  18. WhipLashOG:

    Nice make a 100

  19. RoofieTV:

    fuck you! im a Sexy FUCK :D

  20. uj6trfudrzujdtjhdghj:


  21. uj6trfudrzujdtjhdghj:


  22. TryHardTown:

    Can u plz make under 100. And your vids are great. Keep up the good work!

  23. Ed Smith:

    Sansa clip is better than ipod shuffle. The only reason you would choose the ipod shuffle is because its good looking apple design

  24. killdeslm:

    US Only