Super Mario Galaxy новое

Diwa’s CD «Memories on Two Strings» is out! Super Mario Galaxy Medley Original Music by Mahito Yokota & Koji Kondo Arranged & Performed by Diwa de Leon Instruments Voice, Violin, Hegalong, Djembe, Tambourine, Guitar Songs 1) Super Mario Galaxy Theme 2) Gusty Garden Galaxy 3) Dusty Dune Galaxy 4) Storytime (Rosalina) 5) Fire/Ice Mario Recorded using Logic Studio 9 Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro Mini FAQ 1) Who are those hat characters? 1UP Mushroom, Piplup (Pokemon) and Kirby 2) What is a hegalong? It’s a native two-string guitar from the Philippines. I use it a lot in my videos. Here’s more hegalong music: I’m a professional composer, arranger and a bit of a violinist. I like playing video game music for fun. Sheet music is NOT available as this is my own arrangement and it’s not available anywhere else. I don’t notate my works unless it is a necessity. Most of the time I record my works directly upon conceptualization. Thanks for watching! Diwa «Master Diwa» de Leon aka The Videogame Violinist Also listen to my compositions for a 2-string guitar called the hegalong: Official website: Add me on Facebook

[youtube sNN070zQ-Cw]

Super Mario Galaxy

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  1. FireicebrosOfficial:


  2. bubbaseaton:

    I love ur capellas

  3. Blueberry8557:

    i love how his faces get progressivley less serious

  4. metalreita:

    Love this medley and the hats… :3

  5. TodayUnRealTime:

    Oh wait the movie is almost 3years old… Stupid me :p -.-

  6. TodayUnRealTime:

    Cool keep up the nice work, maby ur nextmonth famous !

  7. flygonproductions569:

    This is an orchestra for the forever alone.

  8. PrincessRosalina1324:

    This is the reason I watch Youtube

  9. PinkiePyro2011:

    I’m liking this before even watching since I can tell it’s going to be great!

  10. chuggaacaprisunify:

    Ironic thing about that is that that him was holding the Mario doll.
    Also *ahem* «I’m-a Luigi! Number one!»

  11. JesseAndMike:

    Awesome!  Like the Luigi shirt! LOL! Liked 🙂

  12. MinecraftLooppyace:

    12 Koopa Troopas didn’t get the medley and 1,189 Friend’s of Mario did get the medley 🙂

  13. Sasafras06:

    *watching the stoic one up*

    OH Damn there he goes!

  14. Kareem Bah:

    Last song was a super medley

  15. Wiintendoh:

    Can you do Super Mario Galaxy 2 songs?

  16. Nutaki3DS:

    Amazing Piplup hat! 😀

  17. Ryadin91:


  18. Alexx100Alexx:

    no it seems bowser have 11 accounts

  19. Xinx126:


  20. nobuthorpe:

    You are awesome my friend 😀

  21. SuperJorgiano:

    This is really good. Great work