Правильно Splinter Cell

Me and my buddy DanzNewz play through the Co-Op mode in Splinter Cell Conviction while cracking jokes and doing stupid voices. Enjoy! This is part 3, watch part 2 here — www.youtube.com www.youtube.com

[youtube Hv079BrBNjg]

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комментариев 16

  1. bianian8:

    srry that wasnt me…brothers

  2. brandon1997ist:

    wanna but fuck ?

  3. bianian8:

    you are so fucking funny

  4. molceonly:

    you guys really are comedians…love your shit! hahaha

  5. FoxAwsumness:

    in mah butt

  6. SamuelRockman:

    you gys are hilarious

  7. SamuelRockman:

    what? where?

  8. HetaliaFanHawaii:

    Would be funny if you made the fapping sound and the lights would come on xD

  9. Kevin MacLeod:

    Gassy, Will You Marry Me? lol

  10. commenterlolzz:

    i guess you didnt see the two naked chicks

  11. Ken Fernando:

    maybe becuz even if it is non sense seeing him post a comment we all want to thumbs up

  12. Electric0Penguin:

    What about the sexy ladies

  13. Ashimora Takagami:

    clap on clap off clap the clapper XD if u dont know that refernce wow (dont msg me about spelling)

  14. Carlotso25:

    Mister Gassy? Pwease tell us a stoawy. <:C

  15. capsfanjason:


  16. stormXquikscope:

    lol «It’s the brain damage-amage-amage-amage!»