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Out now! bit.ly Recreating the Baldur’s Gate experience in Dragon Age. Module #1, Irenicus’ Dungeon, is set for release on Friday, October 22nd. It will be available on the Bioware Social Network and Dragon Age Nexus, and will use the conventional DA Mod installer. A copy of Baldur’s Gate 2 will NOT be required for this module, but will be required for all future modules. Featuring: Around 2 hours of gameplay New abilities and classes New room and prop models New creature models Audio and dialogue extracted from the original game Resting and camp mechanic with fatigue penalty for tiredness New equipment including new weapon and armour types More information will be posted daily until release, with screenshots and other exciting tidbits. www.gamersnexus.net DISCLAIMER This not-for-profit mod recognises Bioware, Atari and Wizards of the Coast as copyright holders of the Baldur’s Gate Intellectual Property and assets. We distribute some of this copyrighted content under the conditions of fair use of copyright under US trademark law as follows: Our not-for profit mod is a reinterpretation of the Baldur’s Gate Intellectual Property and does not replace the original game developed by Bioware. Attribution is given clearly at all times. The work is distributed freely for the public’s enjoyment: the mod authors benefit in no way, financial or otherwise from its distribution. This mod contains only the first couple of hours of playable content from the considerably larger original

[youtube mq4n_qVo21k]

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  1. LPMalakye:

    Are you still working on the project? I would love to see this project get finished being that I am a long time Baldurs gate fan. Also do you know if the original BG was redone as well ?

  2. mogie620:

    ….in closing, let it not be without doubt that Skyrim is a glorious and immense universe all unto itself, yet it still serves as your distraction. Do not deny your temptation of the Rim! Enjoy it for awhile. The Gate will be awaiting you patiently, as it has through all your machinations! Do you feel guilt when you play Skyrim, knowing that without Baldur’s gate it would not exist? And now Skyrim detracts from your ultimate fate. Only you few can BREATHE LIFE into our 3D paradise. Delay not…

  3. mogie620:

    Irenicus himself would have to arise from the nine hells to stop you! Sleep not and focus on our goal, dreamt of but never realized until now. For every tear of frustration, for every drop of sweat, and for every minute not spent on your so called real world reality, you shall be recompensed. What greater glory can you bring to us, your fellow brethren of the Gate? Your memories shall live on well past your efforts here. Immortal you shall be, Waukeen be praised.

  4. mogie620:

    yes my brethren, Build our paradise into 3D. Make it whole. I have no doubt it shall be righteous and groundbreaking, for you are working with godly materials. Those of us who know Baldur’s Gate to be the greatest series in history are of one mind, of one heart. So go forth, continue to toil in what you know will be glorious. We all await you, breathless, yet eternally patient, knowing that, for all we’ve done but dream of the moment we can realize our paradise in 3D, you will make it a reality

  5. Kimmuryiel:

    *nudge nudge* psst it’s AerIE

  6. Kimmuryiel:

    I get twitter updates every week from them 🙂 have faith!

  7. Longrun4:

    this would be so bad azz if this was fully out for dragon age

  8. Zeemis of the Light:

    That guy’s just a typical moron you find on YouTube every once in awhile.

  9. SSJ4Supermanarot:

    Because this is to epic for the universe to allow. Your quest is vaaain. *sigh* Life … is so hollow.

  10. Mikhail Taymanov:

    Wait for Aery!!

  11. ProgreenVii:

    What music is this?

  12. ymarky7:

    I think one of the main points with this project is not so much mordern graphics, but having the extra third dimension.
    Have a look at that new opening cutscene, its awesome.

  13. Hekynn:

    Amazing! BW should really listen to the modders and relaunch baldurs gate 2 with a updated DAO engine 🙂

  14. LMTR14:

    awesome job recreating the scenery!

  15. LMTR14:

    while its flaws were numerous, the single thing that made me dislike the original DOA the most is that it wasn’t a D&D game

  16. Appokoros:

    This looks fucking AMAZING. Good job Maker

  17. AusEngPhil:

    If someone was persistent and finished it, the graphics would already be dated. 3D engines seem to age alot quicker than the infinity…

  18. MustNotRead:

    JSYK, the full original game has been available for over a decade and it is still perfection personified.