Out now! bit.ly Recreating the Baldur’s Gate experience in Dragon Age. Module #1, Irenicus’ Dungeon, is set for release on Friday, October 22nd. It will be available on the Bioware Social Network and Dragon Age Nexus, and will use the conventional DA Mod installer. A copy of Baldur’s Gate 2 will NOT be required for this module, but will be required for all future modules. Featuring: Around 2 hours of gameplay New abilities and classes New room and prop models New creature models Audio and dialogue extracted from the original game Resting and camp mechanic with fatigue penalty for tiredness New equipment including new weapon and armour types More information will be posted daily until release, with screenshots and other exciting tidbits. www.gamersnexus.net DISCLAIMER This not-for-profit mod recognises Bioware, Atari and Wizards of the Coast as copyright holders of the Baldur’s Gate Intellectual Property and assets. We distribute some of this copyrighted content under the conditions of fair use of copyright under US trademark law as follows: Our not-for profit mod is a reinterpretation of the Baldur’s Gate Intellectual Property and does not replace the original game developed by Bioware. Attribution is given clearly at all times. The work is distributed freely for the public’s enjoyment: the mod authors benefit in no way, financial or otherwise from its distribution. This mod contains only the first couple of hours of playable content from the considerably larger original

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