New Dishonored & Splinter Cell trailer, Free Humble Indie Bundle Additions, Angry Birds WTF?

Every hour a new video. Humble Indie Bundle 6: New Dishonored web-series Angry Birds Trilogy: New Splinter Cell Blacklist Trailer: [North America] [United Kingdom] [Italy] [Australia] Facebook: Twitter: Tania’s Twitter:

[youtube B_pmRVCCqZU]

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  1. Martin Slow:

    Ashes of Alar vid on my channel, Together to the top guys! Have been makin vids for over a year now, and Im doing great so far thx to the people who watch my shit :)! Been supporting Athene for sooo many years now, and you have grown into a great guy Athene! Keep it up, and own dem scrubs. Moving to the US in 6 months to start making vids for real and get an education in economics! If you want to support me, subscribe now and come with for the ride!

  2. nenadmayor:

    very helpfull!

  3. iSmkChannel:

    I Fucking love your Gaming News !
    I really getting all of my information about gaming from your videos .
    Never stop doing them !

  4. vboi696969:

    HOOK ME UP ATHENE, Liking all your videos!

  5. GlazBoy:

    shame the server was down ;s

  6. brian5852:

    rip Rick Perry

  7. realsgtskywalker:

    Athene, my man, I’ll do everything I can to help our small Youtuber friends, not just those that you spotlight, but pretty much all of those I see and find with potential. TTTT is not just a saying or expression, it’s an idea, and I shall share it all around Youtube, my Google+, facebook, everything!. Thanks Athene, the help they get from us is just mind blowing! Together to the freagin top man!

  8. SedoksGaming:

    cool story

  9. Decimattion:

    Check out TheMusicianDog channel!
    He is uploading really good music everiday!
    Hook meup with a headset please ! It will help me alot! TTTT

  10. CreeperGB:

    Dear god, angry birds is a game i can’t get into at all

  11. ThePikamuffin:

    cant wait for dishonoured 😀

  12. TheDuleSrg:

    Aint that laggy 🙂

  13. Sarshyn:

    And Splinter Cell, looks just amazing!!!

  14. Sarshyn:

    I’ll love to see that interview

  15. ArAg0rN1:

    splinter cell series are awesome cant w8 for the new game

  16. CoMeD1eZ:


  17. Masterincommander:

    Dishonored looks pretty good will defiantly buy it

  18. MyHowToDoThings:

    HOOK ME UPPP! i get so much pain on my ears after all of your videos! SO either give me a pair of headsets or just stop making videos!

  19. thomacer:

    this bundle, awesome as always

  20. ThePieGamerBC:

    I carnt wait for dishonored and mop is the best