Правильно 100 Gates

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100 Gates

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комментария 24

  1. dylan2202ify:

    How do you turn off clouds

  2. flaresonicofdoom:

    not a hack now :D

  3. TheSmokinace63:

    YES NO ENCHANTING! I hate witchcraft

  4. dansdinisty:

    Enchanting comes in 1.9. Not in 1.8.

  5. mdalchand2002:

    I want enchanting on ;(

  6. Ryan Holt:

    I wanted the XP bar plus orbs even if there would be no enchanting because I could have gotten a headstart atleast.
    I have a skeleton, spider, and 2 zombie farms set up out of spawner cages and I also have a dark room XP farm..
    Could’ve had level 500 by the time the introduced the update..

  7. kbarber1998:

    Wat about the dungeon spawner D:

  8. Jaden Stanley:

    That will be in the 1.8.2 update..

  9. gespinoza6069:

    i wanted mob eggs );

  10. gespinoza6069:


  11. jay12ricardo:

    How do you update minecraft 1.8.2

  12. normile64:

    What I want too know is if they are adding a new sky limit

  13. Allan Brown:

    no, there is no XP bar until they add enchanting

  14. Allan Brown:

    what about sprinting? when is that going to be in the game?

  15. HaloGamingGuys:

    sorry I jumped the gun

  16. HaloGamingGuys:

    @Sammyhomieydog there is xp just no enchantments

  17. ta2gurl20005:

    Not on 15th today is the 15th, 8:19 pm I checked no update most be on 20th

  18. michaeljorden133:

    4j never put out a direct date they wont until it goes to MS testing

  19. michaeljorden133:

    just read on twitter tht the suppossed message from 4j studios saying tht the updatewill be out this month was not legit 4j posted and i quote «we replied yes to a question from him then hethen deleted the orignal tweet and replied to the yes response

  20. AngelGreen60:

    21st now…. -_- STOP CHANGING THE DATE 4J!

  21. LiveGamingNation:

    Isn’t it between 14th and the 25th of september

  22. Dante5212:


  23. halt317:

    IM SO ANGRY(i wanted to smite my friends)

  24. dontmeswithmeimblack:

    not hack duplication