Another amazing segment if I do say so myself. The Forest Temple is difficult to speedrun at the quality of performance I expect of myself. But after 10 hours of recording, I pull it off. This segment is a bit easier than segment 33 but not too far off. What I liked most about this segment is there is zero luck manipulation. Even the Stalfos can be manipulated accordingly. For that reason, this was a really fun segment to do. Firstly, the reason why I get the first small key in the first room instead of the floormaster room is because it’s faster. I timed it (without getting the GS) and it’s about 15 seconds faster to get this key. I’m not sure why Fluffy thought it was faster to get the other key in his any% speedrun. I didn’t have deku nuts equipped yet, so I thought of a strategy to get past the skulltula. I originally threw a bomb at it, but this way turned out to be the fastest out of any method, including deku nuts. The Stalfos battles all went well. The last one could have been a bit better, but I miraculously ended up in front of the bow chest. I’ve never been able to be that close before. The few lost seconds in the battle were quickly made up with that. All the bomb glitches were executed well. I usually get the megajump on my first pause, but I pressed start one frame too early. It didn’t cost much time and besides, I immediately pull out the bomb after getting onto the ledge. No one has ever done that in any speedrun before. Getting the GS on the wall by the

[youtube tON7mMTjdnE]