Metroid Prime 3: Corruption 100% Walkthrough Part 90 — Demolition Trooper Escort

Here’s a walkthrough of me going through Metroid Prime 3: Corruption for Wii on Hyper Mode (aka Hard Mode). I am getting a 100% completion in pickups, logbook completion, and Credits/Friend Vouchers. My favorite part in the game, which is probably the hardest in the game when you’re going for the Gold Credit in Hyper Mode. But alas, I was able to do it, even with the Commando Pirates messing up my vision in the last end. Items acquired: Gold Credit — All Troopers Survived Scans acquired: Demolition Trooper (Creatures) Main Item List: Missile Launcher [x] Grapple Lasso [x] PED Suit [x] Grapple Swing [x] Ice Missile [x] Ship Missile Launcher [x] Hyper Ball [x] Boost Ball [x] Plasma Beam [x] Screw Attack [x] Ship Grapple Beam [x] Seeker Missile Launcher [x] Hyper Missile [x] X-Ray Visor [x] Grapple Voltage [x] Spider Ball [x] Hazard Shield [x] Nova Beam [x] Hyper Grapple Expansions: Missile Expansions — 50/50 *all Expansions found* Energy Tanks — 14/14 *all Energy Tanks found* Gunship Missile Expansions — 6/8 Energy Cells — 9/9 *all Energy Cells found*

[youtube CPeO6zbjggA]

WalkThrough 100 Cells

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комментариев 9

  1. DrewHardylover01:

    Dang! Samus has to work her butt off to protect these guys

  2. Kenneth Dueck:

    Lol Ya thats true

  3. ohHELLyeah147:

    if shadowmario3 plays this it’s easy because the pirates shoot at him, in my case the pirates ignore me and go after the fucking troopers who are always running ahead and try to get killed

  4. BenjaminSteber:

    Playing this right now on veteran. About to rip my hair out.

  5. MrNacho453:

    Looks like Halo. Nice definition

  6. SkullCapper:

    wow, them troopers look cool and all, but their guns didn’t do squat to pirates.

  7. MrBjnelson:

    i love this part of the game, AFTER getting the gold credit though…

  8. Chykkalarvaquadraxis:

    I almost got that credit,but one of the troopers were hit by a train.

  9. TribeamMetroid:

    Awesome. Looks pretty hard to do in this difficulty. I wouldn’t try it.