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+Like to help spread the infection! 🙂 Going head hunting on Turbine with the Huntsman Sniper. Videos you may have missed: Spell Sword: iOS Game Review [Little Gems Returns!] WoW: Mists of Pandaria: Launch Chaos! Connect with me!

[youtube 0cL4awewi6M]

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комментария 22

  1. TheIrontic:

    Machina is quite good. You can shoot through heads to shoot other heads and also it doesn’t fire while un-scoped which is good to not waste ammo when you press the wrong button

  2. Darty Rie:

    I cannot do Huntsman. Played with it for 2 days and only 5 headshots 17 total. Regular Rifle i get 12 headshots and 26 total kills on an average weekend.

  3. Zu Tian Chen:

    than he is the scout

  4. kapono tan:

    what is your best gameplay class

  5. SoulMonster229:

    I played on dat server!

  6. justinivitch:

    has he ever tried NOT to do an scout commentary, he sounds like an 20 y/o scout 😛

  7. unjust1999:

    Then why are you on the internet.

  8. MrUnicornTits:


  9. EpikFacedGamer:

    with tf2 or did you just want to share that lol


    He kinda looks and sounds like scout! XD

  11. Matt Sarecky:

    I was just thinking that 😀

  12. pieofpeace12:

    im on the xbox 🙂

  13. MrSettesh:

    Vavle can’t count to 3… You expect them to tell blue from red?

  14. SirZippety56:

    i really hope that was a typo…

  15. Ruthlesshobbyman:

    lol, after he says «its on tonight!» XD

  16. SonicstarVocaloid:

    …Pee in his face!

  17. MrJohnnyman101:

    You kinda remind me of Stiffler from American Pie. Except you’re less of a cunt…

  18. DrPeeP1:

    3:53 so funny

  19. Kellenfeatures:


  20. uzumaki naruto:

    his 2000 subs video

  21. Yamcha Briefs:

    y do u comment with that many question marks????

  22. Andras Molnar:

    remember me? 🙂 i asked you to do a turbine vid
    thank you 🙂