Правильно Splinter Cell

Jack and Geoff keep plowing through St. Petersburg Banya…this time through the scary sounding Vice Den. Stay tuned for part 4!

[youtube kxguGdMa3t0]

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комментариев 20

  1. thecalcium9:

    whats that on PC?

  2. devyn belseth:

    i said the same thing he looks like the guy from hitman

  3. TheKeller101:

    After seeing this game, it is now official, I need an X-Box.
    My PS2 and Wii just don’t cut it.

  4. SiLeNtBl4Z3:

    Geoff, dick punching since 2010,

  5. TAAVI224:

    Yes. It supports the SNES too, though you can only run it at 3 FPS.

  6. TheOneGuyWhoGames:

    Is this for nintendo 64?

  7. Cydel Subijano:

    Really dude,


  8. TheJull1000:

    Is it 4 3DS?

  9. SamuelRockman:

    it for xbox 360 and pc

  10. TheWittyish:

    im writing thins comment so that anyone that is watching this over 2 years later doesnt feel alone haha

  11. delanootch:

    BOOP oooh right in the dick

  12. bffvgggfg4544:

    sorry ps2 years r over and can you tell by the graphics

  13. JC Denton:


  14. JC Denton:

    This game is very colorful i see…

  15. SamuelRockman:

    you’re right 🙂 lol

  16. Taner Autenrieth:

    So jacks kinda horrible at this XD

  17. xOrangeyx2:

    you guys are awesome!

  18. Girfan108:

    «What, don’t have a Whitney Houston joke?»
    The kick didn’t wake Whitney up.
    Drunk Tank FTW.

  19. MrMastermind500:

    i feel colorblind after watching this series

  20. ItsNatalieJoy:

    when you are reading thid do not stop or else something bad will happen! (sorry about this) this girl’s name is summer, she is 15 years old and has blonde
    hair, many scars, and she has no ears. she is dead. if you dont copy this to more
    than 5 videos, she will appair one dark quiet night when you are not expecting it beside your bed with a knife and going to kill you. this is no joke. if you send this on 5 more videos something good will happen to you