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A preview of the official video for the exhibition-event Lux in Arcana — The Vatican Secret Archives reveals itself www.luxinarcana.org. Filmed inside the Vatican Secret Archives, it shows rooms and bunkers in the Archive of the Popes, together with some of the 100 original documents that will leave the Vatican City for the first time in history. 12 centuries of history, 400 years of life, 85 kilometres of shelving the world’s most famous Archive reveals itself in the extraordinary halls of Rome’s Capitoline Museums. Conclaves, heresies, popes and emperors. Crusades, excommunications, ciphered letters. Manuscripts, codices, ancient parchments. An exceptional and once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn History through its sources. February-September 2012.

100 Rooms

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  1. marshidon

    If i were to choose,i would say the protestants are right seeing that JESUS rebuked the pharisees for replacing GODS word with their own traditions and by that they make the word of GOD worthless….

  2. yllierutube

    «Josephus’ work is voluminous and exhaustive. It comprises twenty books. Whole pages are devoted to petty robbers and obscure seditious leaders. Nearly forty chapters are devoted to the life of a single king. Yet this remarkable being (Jesus), the greatest product of his race, a being of whom the prophets foretold ten thousand wonderful things, a being greater than any earthly king, is dismissed with a dozen lines….» truthbeknown (dot) com/josephus.htm

  3. yllierutube

    Josephus was not a contemporary to Jesus by any historical account. Josephus never met Jesus (he was born in 37 CE), and didn’t write about him until many decades after these supposed events took place. In the Testimonium Flavianum, it says «there lived Jesus, a wise man… He was the messiah.», something that Josephus, being a pharisee orthodox Jew, would have never believed or said. Even Josephus’ father, Mattathias, who would have been contemporary, makes no mention of Jesus or his events.

  4. yllierutube

    Four historians are typically referenced to justify Jesus’ existence: Pliny the younger, Suetonius, and Tacitus are the first three. Each one of their entries consists of only a few sentences at best and only refers to «Christus» or Christ, which is not a name, but a title meaning «Anointed One.» The fourth source is Josephus, and this source has been proven to be a forgery; a Christian interpolation, most likely written by Eusebius in a poor attempt to fraudulently historicize the Jesus figure.

  5. Carl Joseph

    There actually are some historical sources (non Christian) which are thought to be references to Jesus. Not the miracles and things, but the fact that he was a real person who really did exist. Do a search for Josephus the historian.

  6. Geremia08

    Exactly why the Prostestants are wrong in asserting «sola scriptura» (scripture only). The true Church, the Catholic Church, bases itself on both Scripture and Tradition.

  7. jmj4879

    C»est beau mais ça va trop vite!

  8. Doc Wazzup

    Your sentence is grammatically challenged and your history is not complete. Have you ever been to a Catholic mass and even know what the ‘so-called pagan practices’ are about…there are no pagan practices in the mass, or have you only read your propaganda machine’s have?

  9. 1023471965

    >What is the >actual name of your church? Where is it located? Please trace the linage of your church back to Jesus Christ.
    We are instructed by Jesus that we are not to light a candle and then place it under a basket. Please, tell us the name & location of your church so people can determine if you have a True-Light for the entire world.
    The world is full of naysayers with a phony-baloney church that leads people away from God. What is the >actual name of your church?

  10. jeslyfirefox

    JESUS CHRIST DOEST NOT REPRESENT ROMAN CATHOLICISM BEWARE ! deceiving Pagan practices from Romes to whom Jesus Christ crucified by them.. the True Church of Christ came from JERUSALEM ! NOT ROME..where Christ died and crucified by the Romans… Amen..

  11. jeslyfirefox

    my mother and father Are closed catholic they are very conservative even kissing the saintly Icon each time they prayed! so what do you think?? is it reverence to God?? what kind of thinking do you impose to the mind of kid kissing Idols And kneeling to them?? is it still venerations?? as you called.. nahh dont delude people its Idolatry ! worshipping Icon.. you guys catholics are deviated from the 1st century True Christians worship.. in the Apostles Era.

  12. jeslyfirefox

    its not a logic, its in the bible your priest for centuries hiding the truth about true worship infact the popes and his pagan priest forbade reading of the bible they tortured them and gave them sever punishment by reading it. until the late 18th centuriest in the time of father chiniquy many priest discouraging people to read it.. even your priest didnt read the bible.its all pure pagan rituals!

  13. 1023471965

    >With your logic, folks would have to say Protestants all over the world knell at their bedsides and «pray to their beds!» You always hear Protestant ministers saying you ‘rest in Jesus!’ They think Jesus is a bed???
    Jesus Christ built a Church. It’s in the Bible. Find that Church & trace it’s pilgrimage through the centuries. We have the Internet now days. = It should be possible to do!
    What Church do you attend. Please let us know & trace it though the centuries for us.

  14. jeslyfirefox

    what are you saying??? Roman Catholic Church is not established by Jesus Christ and the 1st Century christians they never..never ever teach about praying to virgin mhary and to those Images Saints..your Pagan Church full of tradtions and cermony is originated from Roman Emperor name Constantine.. if Peter is Alive today he will rebuke you guys for making an Icon with Him… its so forbidden in the bible kneeling and praying to the Icon?? not worshipping?? r u kidding ???

  15. jeslyfirefox

    if theres a women there they’ve been gone already.. in the hidden room of vatican.. sex hungry priest devourd them.

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