Metroid Prime 3: Corruption 100% Walkthrough Part 49 — The Second Part of the Bomb

Here’s a walkthrough of me going through Metroid Prime 3: Corruption for Wii on Hyper Mode (aka Hard Mode). I am getting a 100% completion in pickups, logbook completion, and Credits/Friend Vouchers. As I try to get out of the Labs, Phazon Metroids start attacking. Along the way, I find an Energy Tank, and then go on to Concourse to find a Missile Expansion and the second part of the Theronian bomb. Just one more part now. Items acquired: Energy Tank x1 Missile Expansion x1 Scans acquired: Phazon Metroid (Creatures) Loss (Lore) Main Item List: Missile Launcher [x] Grapple Lasso [x] PED Suit [x] Grapple Swing [x] Ice Missile [x] Ship Missile Launcher [x] Hyper Ball [x] Boost Ball [x] Plasma Beam [x] Screw Attack [x] Ship Grapple Beam [x] Seeker Missile Launcher [x] Hyper Missile X-Ray Visor Grapple Voltage Spider Ball Hazard Shield Nova Beam Hyper Grapple Expansions: Missile Expansions — 18/50 Energy Tanks — 8/14 Gunship Missile Expansions — 3/8 Energy Cells — 2/9

[youtube 2s5LWu8abTQ]

Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. TheMasterlamborghini:

    Christ how much weight can that gunship take. Its carrying a thermonuclear bomb for fucks sake

  2. MrWubb:

    i don’ like boss battle without walkthroughs. 🙁

  3. MrWubb:


  4. iRULE5335:

    9:19 I like how Samus walks out like a boss

  5. blakehascake6645:

    completely over takes it

  6. Netsaver:

    Can you still use the powerbeam or does the plasma beam completely overtake it?

  7. Joshua Van-Tassell:

    is it me or did the metroids around 2:55 laughed? O.o

  8. Joshua Van-Tassell:

    mabe they sensed samus comming in and are like » Dude lock your selves up samus is comming» . who knows but that is what i think :).

  9. MsGhoulz:

    What I’d like to know is how the metroids broke out, killed the pirates, then locked themselves back up.

  10. MsGhoulz:

    What I’d like to know is how the metroids broke out, killed the pirates, then locked themselves back up.

  11. TheRealFaziri:

    8:40 Those containment units have the lay-out of the Tallon IV Chozo Artifact pillars on them, nice detail 😀

  12. Matt F:

    When I got here I screamed a bit.

  13. DullBones:

    Looks like you may have found where those Leviathans have been coming from. Question is: Where is this mysterious living planet and how do you stop it from launching more Phazon-filled meteors?

  14. zfan122:

    lol Scooby dooby do where r uuuuu xDDD