Splinter Cell Conviction W/ Commentary P.24

Part. 24 Realistic Difficulty Xbox 360

[youtube 7-Slk-MJs6o]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментариев 25


    the show was monsters due on maple street

  2. Smael64:

    but I thought you took out the generators why did the emp bomb still go off?

  3. megaepic91:

    i think vash should do silent hill 4 cuz it will be funny as hell cuz of the screaming and his talking about some bootleg stuff in it

  4. keane123ification:

    i also did that «damn im sexy» thing in the morning and at school well nvm lol!

  5. Zero Starlight:

    «I didn’t think they would have air defenses set up around the White House… I was wrong.»

    It’s the freaking White House man! What do you think they were gonna do if some airplane made it past the border? Shoot it with paintballs?

  6. JustPure1:

    Monsters Are Due on Maple Street? I’m in 7th Grade and I know that one. I watched it in reading class as part of our irony section.

  7. machinimamarlon:

    @1upMaxify Duke Nukem wasn’t a bad game, it was just kinda disappointing that we had to wait for an average game.

  8. Max Apogee:

    posted 8 months ago… too bad the game was shit 🙁 DAMMIT 3D REALMS… Why weren’t you as you used to… Apogee…
    Apogee: *Gasp*! You remember! O_O I will now make my escape! *Poof*

  9. uzumaki11111111:

    i remember that episode i watched it in freshman english

  10. superabdoulworld:

    wow they just crashed a chopper and survived. Are you sure you are playing in realistic mode Vash?

  11. NoahTheWaffle:

    My names Jennifer (Jenny) O.o

  12. RenegadeVenom:


  13. SnakeEater779:

    1:43 that what happens when i fart

  14. mistertooter:

    who told you that lie?

  15. behebihou:

    no black ops is great ;)

  16. mistertooter:

    COD is AWESOME!!!! but fuck everything after 4

  17. drakomemories:

    thats an awesome ass idea!!

  18. korreyd:

    So I was at the cornerstore today deciding on a drink to buy.
    Next thing you know,in my head I hear Vash promoting Brisk Iced Tea.
    I bought 2 bottles.

  19. Ironman697:

    8:20. Epic lol.

  20. Chris Reading:

    monstes due on maple street was the movie on twighlight
    thumb up so he can see

  21. whitewolfcerberus:

    I think vash should Call of Duty Black Ops online. That would be the funniest shit ever!!! Vash you are awsome.

  22. JohnnyLeyenda:

    I’d say…either Dead Space 2 or Super Meat Boy. Or random gameplays of Red Dead Redemption. I’d say Little Big Planet 2 but since Yoshie’s not around anymore…

  23. MrWWeHomepage:

    he should get gta 4 imagine the funny commentary or wwe game

  24. Dondakon:

    amazing start to the video. 🙂

  25. Hanayuni:

    it means that they don’t watch all his videos