WalkThrough 100 Floors новое

Still easy.

[youtube WwDqm4kZ1-0]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. jasonballinger41:

    Why do they call it the pit of 100 trails?

  2. robloxlol123:

    Spike sheild badge.

  3. HighfunGirl:

    At 0:17 XD

  4. sacredbeastzenon:

    is there a spike shield P

  5. hollowpoint249:

    this is my favorite part of the game.  level later on

  6. hollowpoint249:

    its all about the badges u use. not how much hp and fp u have

  7. cuconuchiha:

    he is gonna regret that, isnt he! (sayin its easy) *mumble*

  8. eliteWarriorSpb:

    where can i find one?

  9. skawo90:

    Spike Shield Badge

  10. eliteWarriorSpb:

    how do you jump on them with spikes on their heads

  11. clubpenguinfir:

    Laikuta thingy usd HAXS NO HIDING ITEMS!! LOL but seriously that was hard to see

  12. bigpboy1012:

    Curse? They must mean like the chests’ «curse»

  13. Zounah:

    God damn I suck at the pit. I’m level 42 but I still can’t beat it… Maybe i’m just not trying hard enough

  14. Toudou1620:

    Nice part i love the pit of 100 trials :)

  15. babbo526: