100 LIKES and I will continue the segment and make it better!! 🙂 Hello =) I hope everyone enjoys Episode 1 of my newest segment! Each episode of «Combating the Meta» will give a mini lesson/review of a deck, then I will show you how to ‘combat’ or fight against it! I will try my best to bring the most relevant decks so it will actually help you out in current competition. Today, I brought to you Dark Worlds because I feel like they’ll be even better this SEPT. 1ST 2012 format…but anyway, if you enjoyed don’t forget to leave a like, comment, and subscribe for more Yugis (; Please check out my New Channel @ www.youtube.com ————————- **STAY IN CONTACT WITH ME** Facebook Page: www.facebook.com —- Twitter: twitter.com —- DN: SoCalSam98

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100 Gates

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