Combating the Meta — Enter the Gates of the Dark World! (StarstrikeDuelist)

100 LIKES and I will continue the segment and make it better!! 🙂 Hello =) I hope everyone enjoys Episode 1 of my newest segment! Each episode of «Combating the Meta» will give a mini lesson/review of a deck, then I will show you how to ‘combat’ or fight against it! I will try my best to bring the most relevant decks so it will actually help you out in current competition. Today, I brought to you Dark Worlds because I feel like they’ll be even better this SEPT. 1ST 2012 format…but anyway, if you enjoyed don’t forget to leave a like, comment, and subscribe for more Yugis (; Please check out my New Channel @ ————————- **STAY IN CONTACT WITH ME** Facebook Page: —- Twitter: —- DN: SoCalSam98

[youtube iM8KevGp1hU]

100 Gates

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. ownagerguy:


  2. xxsaberxx9:

    do u run dark worlds ?

  3. Patrick Murray:

    Imperial Iron Wall prevents the field card from being activated
    Soul Drain hurt DW effects activating in the graveyard
    Different Dimension Ground banishs all monsters sent to the GY that turn.

    I defeated DW 2-0 which shows that you effect the GY you effect DW’s means of playing.

  4. keene226:

    electric snake and goldd in side

  5. keene226:

    debunk is a card im gonna use alot this format

  6. warhawkfanboy:

    shadow imprisoning mirror.. nuff said..

  7. Gabriel Guichon:


  8. StarstrikeDuelist:

    Yeah, D.D. Crow is good too. You wait until they summon their Dark World monster and before they can bounce for Grapha, you use D.D. Crow. 🙂

  9. Gabriel Guichon:

    im suprised i didnt hear D.D. Crow, can also stop their monster reborn.

  10. StarstrikeDuelist:

    Didn’t say «ONLY» monsters hun 😉

  11. angryhamster12:

    You did, you only said it could search monsters.

  12. greg bent:

    darkworld is so garbage

  13. greg bent:

    darkworld is dead because of soul drain and shadow imprisoning

  14. DOWRECRUit:

    DarkWorld For Life!

  15. bluetech7753:

    someday can make a tutorial on how to play yugioh ? this video is very informative.

  16. epiphoneboy2000:

    Very helpful

  17. reno26jh:

    E hero

  18. naruto36:

    also run Debunk against Dark Worlds.

  19. TeamRapidKarma:

    I’m running DW this format, they’re amazing with the meta slowed down.

  20. fighterstory:

    by the way you can also put in a banisher the light which is same as radiance but has 2000 def and 100 attk

  21. Grant Phillips:

    I want to compliment you on your speaking skills they are very well developed and you are very enjoyable to listen to keep up the good work.

  22. Shinde425:

    Still, the point is sams exhaust their whole hands into making a huge push, if it fails then gg sams

  23. pepsidude555:

    beast. barkion? if their out its like beast hard to kill.

  24. StarstrikeDuelist:

    I never said it didn’t…