Rayman 2: The Great Escape | Part 7

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[youtube ttT-KuA6r-Q]

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комментариев 14

  1. Jose Aparicio:

    Thank you joshy for giving a 100% playthrough of this game keeps let’s playing

  2. gittonsxv:

    that machine you found is not a toaster it is trying to suck out the energy of the cage i think…that would make sense…


    Your videos are great! Subscribed.

  4. Decidetto:

    UK and US differences, just like with «herb»?

  5. LittleBigPlanetGames:

    Hotel Mario…

  6. MyNaMeIsSaAr:

    when you said Mennir hills i wasnt looking and i thought you said «the Men Are His» whoops.

  7. Steven Ogle:

    Both versions are valid.

  8. Luigi Trollface:

    BUT you can BUT you can BUT BUT BUTT!!!

  9. kenziilol:

    Haha I was just going to say they totally look like pencils!

  10. XXAznShortyXX:

    Wait… walking shells are rockets?! o.O I GREW UP THINKING THEY WERE SOME KIND OF WEIRD WALKING PENCILS! Dx

  11. XxsnowcoversxX:

    google translate, it sounds like he’s right.

  12. violadude0987:

    Josh did you know that the opening version of the «Josh Jepson theme» and the closing version are in different keys?

  13. starfire1426:

    dang that green flying frog thingi scared me!!! wat the heck!!

  14. pokemonmastersonic:

    Man, I remember doing this level, I got ambushed by a walking shell when I came out of that pit.