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[youtube r3BTii94jfo]

Splinter Cell

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментария 24

  1. Joshua Whelan:

    ha ha very funny well i think there is surgery ha ha

  2. Joshua Whelan:

    im a bullet proof ha ha oh shit my let

  3. thejimjam819:

    «Right… I guess theres no one in here- *Flashbang* Oh fuuck!»

  4. Birdboy520:

    I dnt FULLY understand the ending… can sumone explain

  5. cesarin01able:

    Reed: hey you look sweaty Sam Sam: (pulls trigger) it’s no that’s just your blood Seamus: oops my finger slipped

  6. 1thelinkinparkfan:

    Haha :oh my finger slipped sorry

  7. ShadowRanger720:

    0:46 DAFUQ WAS DAT!!?? That is the first time someone blocked an execution. I may be wrong so if I am wrong and someone wants to point that out, then please just say it nicely. I’ve seen way too many people have arguments over stupid stuff like that.

  8. 1roncho:

    What happens if you spare him?

  9. Quinn Whiteley:

    Can’t wait until retribution comes out hopefully that ending of this game will be a mission in retribution

  10. Zondanova:

    seamus ur finger must be slipping all over the place

  11. crazyrigby:

    Finish the game already

  12. 32combatarms:

    @joshman1110 If you spare him, Grim shoots him. It’s win/win

  13. RevelationsWarfare:

    My finger slipped LOL

  14. MrOranges1997:

    i got splinter cell and was wondering would u play with me please reply

  15. XxXtreeman1990XxX:

    Nice ending

  16. MasterChoof:

    tak tak… jeg syntes at næsten alle vores politikere ikke rigtigt kan få noget til at fungere

  17. MegaD3lta:

    Just like Vic saved Fisher. Amazing ending.

  18. rampage2794:

    that was a sick ending

  19. jasonxlolaap:

    Im gonna go for spare OOOH my finger slipt aww i disnt mean to do that the got surgery for that lolol this man is a genius

  20. zashleyrules:

    ‘Sam came back for his friend who is like a brother which is like family but not really but still anyway like a brother and that is the end of the game’ LOOOOOOL EPIC ENDING

  21. hunter39999:

    Helle har sku ikke særlig meget held, og vi fik ingen lykke med den anden!
    Dejligt at se et andet RIGTIGT MENNESKE!

  22. ElectricDOOSH:

    Lol at the ‘Seamus Family Speech’ at the end.

  23. endma100:

    holy end credits gone batman

  24. pepperonipizza997:

    what events