Правильно Splinter Cell

Part. 18 Realistic Difficulty Xbox 360

[youtube SsDQUM8Hnw8]

Splinter Cell

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  1. acemanaustin00:

    as did i

  2. envyus83:

    Well hopefully Ubisoft will put those back in in Blacklist since he’s officially a Splinter Cell again.

  3. mperry94:

    then go play chaos theory. its really fun i miss that to but this is just as fun i think

  4. machinimamarlon:

    Holy crap! That first turret scared the balls outta me…

  5. gee645:

    When he always says «you suck» then «hey shut up» hahaha

  6. keane123ification:

    more like a devilish grin of that man going to hell!

  7. RyFlyification:

    just go and play it. I am actually playing through the campaign of that game again right now.

  8. tbagfest:

    A Sadistic Grin More
    like Morbid Thoughts Sadistic Grin And The Death Sentence Of A Man Trying To Stay Alive

  9. Noah Davis:

    There’s been a disturbance in he force!

  10. evan3898:

    Fun fact: The guy who plays Kobin is Elias Toufexis, the guy who voices Adam Jensen in Deus Ex. Also, the receptionist chick at the beginning of the level, when you walk into the building, is played by Elias’ wife, Michelle Boback, who also voices Megan Reed in Deus Ex 😛

  11. nuthead611:

    i hate shooting lamps does that mean ive got skill too:)

  12. PlottedFate:

    i know right?

  13. karlsanada13:

    Time flies so fast.