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This is a detailed look and review of the Siri Personal Assistant and Voice Dictation on the iPhone 4S. My Wallpaper Video: www.youtube.com www.apple.com Google+: Michael Kukielka Facebook: www.facebook.com/DetroitBORG Follow me on Twitter: www.twitter.com/DetroitBORG Follow me on Ping: MichaelKukielka Follow me on GameCenter: DetroitBORG E-mail me: mikekukielka@gmail.com Subscribe: www.youtube.com/DetroitBORG

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WalkThrough Iphone

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментария 24

  1. 12Tsurugi:

    now support canadian french 🙂

  2. Tylar Fullwood:

    yes it can

  3. BrassBoy1120:

    Can Siri on the iPhone 4s open applications?

  4. GigaGamer3000:

    Voice Dictation sucks.

  5. imsocool9000:

    try telling her «chuck norris»

  6. 1superalex:

    Love Siri on my iPhone 5, now with full functionality in the UK I find it really useful.

  7. Chad Varquez:


  8. TreRocks12:

    OMG MY CHANNEL IS iTreGenius

  9. 246madhatter:


  10. Zuo Yilin:

    Michael: who’s your daddy?  Siri: You are! Can we go back to work now?

  11. Zuo Yilin:

    Michael: Knock Knock! M m

  12. Zuo Yilin:

    I mean who’s her daddy

  13. Zuo Yilin:

    Can you ask siri who’s who’s her daddy?

  14. PeoplePlayMinecraft:

    how did this get top comment?

  15. overweigthasshole:

    The thing about SIRI: you need 100% silence around you to use it. if its a liitle bit noice in the beackround you can not use it.

  16. carlosrocks24ify:

    i just got my iphone 4S and i love Siri!!!!

  17. MrTeddy1447:

    Getting my 4S in a couple of months 😀 i would buy the 5 but i prefer the 4S

  18. Geoff S:


  19. 246madhatter:

    can you open up apps using Siri?

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  22. Migo Loyd:

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  24. Frida Castillo:

    he said it was a ipod