Rayman 2: The Great Escape | Part 8

What Was the Heck Was the What the What the What?! — — Credits — — Intro Song by Smouvmaster — bit.ly — — Links — — Facebook — www.facebook.com Twitter — www.twitter.com T-Shirts! — www.districtlines.com — — Tags — — Let’s Play Rayman The Great Escape Part Episode Walkthrough Playthrough Help Lums Cages Find Murphy Fairy Fairies Green Purple Rays Shoot Power Ly Globox Adventure Platformer 3D One Two Three Nintendo 64 Gamecube Sony PS1 PS2 Playstation Sega Dreamcast DS 3DS iPhone iPod PC Recording How to THE TRAIN IS LATE

[youtube cjIaZQcLf54]

WalkThrough Iphone

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комментариев 25

  1. darkttheo78:


  2. RaymanCrazyLove132:


  3. Ivan Kieler:

    16:20 famous moment oh my god what was the heck was the watch the what the what

  4. Quiz1master5:

    The boss…have to strain my eyes to make out he only has 1 eye xD

  5. zoeygirl778:

    anyone else playing on iphone?

  6. unova1995:

    The first time I came to the Cave of Bad Dreams, I ran out immediatley…then again I was 7.

  7. unova1995:

    take that Smouvmaster!

  8. Craazycatgirl:

    …I may be wrong, but it seems like everyone who has tons of X’s in their name like that are jerks.

  9. betlong101:

    16:19 What the hech was the what the what the what? lololoolololololol

  10. andreww84nig:

    lol man i just watched all of your rayman vids from 1 til now lol nostalgia

  11. ammaccabanane97:

    When I was 10, I didn’t finish the game cause of this level

  12. xmonstereyex:


  13. shanedawsonluv123:

    R.I.P. Original outro

  14. filimaykelwarnes:

    Chu cul busca bilaboradei WOW RAYMAN!!!

  15. Balls McGee:

    People who like this, are strange.

  16. Balls McGee:


  17. Balls McGee:

    Most idiotic idiot, yeah. You sound intelligent.

  18. Killerstu52:

    «Oh my god what was the heck was the what the what the what!?» lol

  19. rickydowda:

    and you are the most idiotic idiot on youtube.

  20. darthjacob74:

    if you dont like him dont watch him

  21. ngamer99:

    what was the heck was the what the what

  22. EpicFireLexie1234:

    i like him chugga and tbone mostly

  23. Aatu90:

    You think that’s scary? How’s this for scary? XD

    This is the orchestared version of the Cave of Bad Dreams! Just listen to the end of it! It may sound familiar! ^^


  24. MrErrikan:

    PS1 is the best because ps3 — xbox 360- nintendo wii …. is no good old classics is best !!! (sorry for my englisch :D)

  25. skullkid3302:

    You’re here for 16:10.