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We received a phone call from AUBREY inquiring about our GTM 500HP PACKAGE, customer at that point have not even purchased the car yet, So he went and got him self a new 2010 370Z 40th anniversary edition and had it transported to us from Virginia , The car was 100% stock with less 200 miles. Customer’s goal was 500 to 550 RWHP and that was the beginning of a complete transformation. Here is the list of the upgrades GTM Stage 1 Turn-Key Twin Turbo System GTM 3″ Turbo Cat-back exhaust GTM 3″ Downpipes w/ External waste gates GTM Diff cooler GTM Competetion oil cooler GTM Stainless Braided Clutch line GTM Stainless Braided Brake lines GTM ECU reflash via Osiris uprev OS Giken Twin Plate Dampened clutch/flywheel kit HKS EVC6 Boost Controller STOPTECK Drilled rotors GTM RACELOGIC PNP TRACTION CONTROL

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  1. 04dc51:

    There’s is no way, that’s full throttle. Like dude said, give it the beans and post it. We don’t wanna see you piddle fartin around town. Get it on a straight. And pull its beans out its tailpipes.

  2. tdawg719:

    Well the blow off valve is to release the pressure from the intake when the accelerator is let off. The engine pulls in less air and there is still back pressure in the intake. The shuttering is the air moving backwards back onto the turbo. The turbo has the chop through is and thats the shuttering noise. It should make a clean dumping noise as all the extra pressure is released, not a chopping noise. It shortens the life of the turbo to have air move backwards against it. I’m not a doctor tho

  3. Chris Donohue:

    How about a video of you giving it the beans

  4. Brand0wnz:

    Not being a smartass. This is a real question,but isn’t that the blow off valve? I thought it was supposed to do that..

  5. Stephen Vela:

    im all about v8s and muscle cars hating on imports and ive had my heart set on a camaro since i was like 6 but this car is changing my mind about everything!!!

  6. suprakilla2JZ:

    I hope that was the owner of the car driving the car like that and not the shop. 

  7. sp3cka:

    oh god I want this

  8. tdawg719:

    Pretty sure that shuttering is back pressure on the turbo and it terrible for the life of a turbo

  9. essteben:

    I’m in love.

  10. GJJTexas:

    Sounds great !

  11. Luke Nugen:

    what type of waste gate or (blow off valve) is that?

  12. Eddie Rivera:

    To all the uninformed, The racelogic system cuts fuel to a cylinder or multiple cylinders to reduce the power levels when it detects wheel slippage. The cutout on the dash with the system and adjustable knob is right there. They are demonstrating their Turbo kit and optional traction control system… Makes sense when your putting down 500whp and 400+ lb ft of torque

  13. breakv1deos:

    I can appreciate a cool tuner but it just dont sound rite..maybe it’s not fully tuned IDK

  14. Michael Schwartz:

    it sounds like it chocking

  15. warikplaya:

    I am looking to tune my 370Z. Can this job be done within my budget of $10k?

  16. Leo ikillu:

    u wont be able to control a 370z at more than 15 psi to much spinning

  17. Nick La Rosa:

    hes got a flock of pigeons unda the hood!!

  18. xx4x4x4:

    Can i haz it?

  19. Brokencarnage:

    So fukn sexual