Splinter Cell Conviction: Droogie Days

*kinda spoilers maybe iunno* SO MANY RUSSIAN ACCENTS AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Once again Oats and I jump into a co-op game where we thoroughly embarrassed ourselves into completion. Conviction was most fun in my opinion because it takes itself so seriously and yet repeatedly puts you in hilarious situations. It has the trademark Tom Clancy charm while throwing in some badass stealth mechanics and very very peculiar voice acting. I was playing as Archer and Oats as Kestrel though by the end we all just ended up talking in Russian Accents regardless. Songs used: Gohma Boss Fight (Second Half) — Windwaker Do Da Oliphant — Skrillex

[youtube oggLwGu3JN4]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Gage T:

    Does the virus come free?!?!?

    I also searched up the name.

    Get a job.

  2. aqilnazran:

    @kblzbrl yeah i totally agree! btw! check this game is really damn addictive —> bit.ly/UYxbjs?=bodmf

  3. Mastersan300:

    If they did that I would buy the game.

  4. Alan Flores:

    becuase you have nothing interresting to do, so you are here

  5. Alan Flores:

    3:17 abuuusseee!!!

  6. dachickenman:

    Why does YouTube recommend this to me?

  7. ThePedrao360:


  8. garth1222:

    Splinter cell. Bad. Yeah come back when you have a decent thought.

  9. ryanflippinharris:

    Nerd arguments are nerdy

  10. Alex1010Flyboy:

    and call of duty is much better huh? .that shit is so monotonous and boooorrrriing .this is fun and realistic(sorta(ok maybe not that much)) .play far cry 3 or just look at a video of it and come back to me .if you’re not satisfied .then your standards are much too high my friend .long live gamers

  11. jmansgamingchannel:

    this game is so bad its unbelivable

  12. birdskinstain:

    4:07 so splinter cell owns hitman?? is that it?

  13. Phuuer:

    3:45 fuckin lost it

  14. TheMadGameDude:

    4:10 Sam fisher VS. Retired hitman? WHAT!?

  15. Wasbeerdude:

    dat ending

  16. AnaglyphicHacker:

    4:00 OMG everyone stop! I lost my damn contacts!

  17. TheMirsinho:

    This video deserves more views… 🙂

  18. CookieHunterX:

    You can you lying sack of shit >:L

  19. AwesomeOxtheExploder:

    I can’t.

  20. TheGuysFromSchool:

    5:10 I remember them saying this then laughing my head off xD