Super Mario Sunshine Versus | Part 10

Just….. so much fail…. SO MUCH FAIL!!!!!!!!! Also, check out Donnabellez Let’s Play of Mario Sunshine, it’s freaking awesome!!!! And here’s the link to the Mario Sunshine Versus results. If you’re new to this, this is what’s going on. Pretty much what this is is JoshJepson and I will be starting from the beginning of the game and racing to beat the game 100%. We will see who can beat the game the fastest, with both of our footage on the screen at the same time. We will also be keeping track of progress and such, and the results from each episode will be shown at the end of each episode. A new 30 minute part will be released every Saturday! 3D Project Stingray Logo Made By: We are also encouraging you to race along with us! (we mention this in the video) Go ahead and post a video response to this video with your part 1 of the race! Here are the rules: 1. You may post one part at a time (1 every week just like us) 2. You can not skip the first main cutscene that is skippable. 3. You may not cut out any footage, it has to all be kept in. (can’t cut out fail) 4. Your part can be as long as our part is, and it doesn’t have to be on the exact same part as us either, so say our Part 8 is 35 minutes long, yours can also be 35 minutes long, or if you recorded part 8 already at 30 minutes long, you’re part 9 can be 30 minutes long. 🙂 5. Commentary is optional 6. You may post a cam-corder recording. 7. You are allowed to

[youtube danoMwcFwys]

Super Mario Galaxy

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комментария 24

  1. Usuarianueva84:

    12:50 and 3:50 are the beter moment in this video

  2. SuperPigGamer:

    i peeed when tyler screamed (jk)

  3. Gartneren1234:

    I do agree that Chuggaaconroy is much more funny to watch in terms of what you say in the previous comment, but AttackingTucans react much more, you know «EPIC» when failing a mission and the fact that he has included all the failures in this and some other videos :).

  4. WoodysBaglos:

    Ok thanks i knew it had to do with Lucahjin but i didn’t really know anything else about it 🙂

  5. Silentsenior09:

    It was a stream event that happened a good while ago where a handful of let’s players were all together in a skype call, and took turns playing through games, and it was a «fundraiser» sort of thing Josh, NCS, Atma, and handful of other people took part in to help Lucahjin out of a tough time she was having at the time this transpired, hence the «Luca» part of (mara)Thon. Was a pretty lulzy stream, for anyone who tuned in for any of the time. =)

  6. gmiller1014:

    I was laughing my butt off at the dog noise and joshes reaction

  7. WoodysBaglos:

    What’s the «LucahThon»?

  8. Dragonbro26:

    12:57 I almost sht my self laughing

  9. guitarcraftbros:

    So Far….
    JoshJepson: You Are Starting To Catch Up.
    AttackingTucans: You Are Starting To Catch DOWN.
    By The Way, AttackingTucans Is Such A Ear Rapist In This Episode.

  10. XxshuppetoflifexX:

    Look up Shoes by Scotty Vanity:)

  11. StupidMarioBros1Fan:

    Like if you have not seen the Shoe video that Tyler referenced before….I hope I’m not the only one. D’:

  12. StupidMarioBros1Fan:

    Okay funniest parts are Parts 1-20 of Super Mario Sunshine, the entire videos. xD

  13. UltimateLifeFormPro:


  14. UltimateLifeFormPro:

    AttackingTucans is really funny but I like Chuggaa better because hes just as funny without having to resort to a sexual joke every time.

  15. UltimateLifeFormPro:

    10:20-10:35 Thats what she said thats what she said and thats what she said!

  16. deathspade42:

    That manta ray is my favorite shine in the game. I can do it without taking damage or hiding under stuff. What annoys me is the 100 coin missions, red coin secrets, and blue coins. Heck i suck at red coin missions in general.

  17. Themaniacnextdoor:

    The manto ray used to scare the shit out of me as a kid.

  18. Gartneren1234:

    AttackingTucans: Your WAY more funny to listen to during Epic Failures than Chugaaconroy :). Espacially on the failure on 30:47, I was laughing like never before during that failure :D.

  19. FamicomMike:

    You can get the blue coins from the boos….

  20. mvislander100:

    episode 9: bananas!! bananas!!!

  21. jaidora:

    tyler’s no soulnds as if he was being raped by Gygus

  22. 3dsflameredness:

    i just love how josh’s recording has overuse of contrast in comparison to tyler’s quality….NOT!! LOL JK JK its ok josh i still love u no homo

  23. 3dsflameredness:

    my first youtube video was when i was 10 about 6 years ago and was the ssbb trailer

  24. superdude101100:

    Team Mr.purple