Super Mario Galaxy новое

Pancake Man recieves a challenge from Savage Soldier, but mistakes an insult for a call to action for his less-famous brother! Who is he? What will happen? Am I running out of pancake puns? Find out in this episode of Scout is Hero! —- Many, many thanks to JonzayMk2 for sending Pancake Man a challenge. Bear in mind if you make one, it probably won’t get made into a proper video like this one. But do it anyway. It works wonders for his ego. Also a big heap of thanks to R3troguy, for introducing me to the AITD 5 soundtrack, without which this episode would only be two-fifths as epic. —- Music used: Tension — Super Mario Galaxy 2 [0:13-0:27] An End for a Prelude — Alone in the Dark 5 Soundtrack [everywhere else] —— Due to popular demand, I managed to make the Pancake Man model available as an addon in Garry’s Mod! I tested it, it works fine (mostly) And as a Scout replacement for both RED snd BLU for Team Fortress 2: ——

[youtube k5eEIdmgcBk]

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