Super Mario Bros Castle Theme Metal Remix Cover — Nylithia Guitar, Drums, Bass Bowser http

[youtube NBgMk4X9MzA]

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  1. ortonforpresident:

    R.I.P Princess Peach

  2. Eric Draven:

    Oh my god….. It’s fantastic…. Faaaaantastic… I cannot explain it other way…

  3. Josh Kuchmy:

    swag is for faggots

  4. ttc9able:

    Not to mention SWAG actually used to mean «Secretly We Are Gay.»

  5. Kenny Ledher Gualteros:

    Como se llama la cancion del 1:49?

  6. johnbazy:

    Whoever wrote this theme is a f*cking genius. Whichever one of these guys thought of making this into a metal cover is a f*cking genius. GENIOUS!

  7. whathedanny:


  8. Slime Bucket:

    Felt bad I didn’t make em headliner they where so good, It was NINJA SPY that headlined the event

  9. Slime Bucket:

    I hosted a concert once and these guys where there!

    In Langley! Was good times, good times.. THEY WHERE AWESOME!!!

  10. FenixStryker:

    I need this soundtrack to play SMB to. If I could hear this I wouldv’e played through more than once. XD

  11. awsomenezz2002:

    look, its just that half of the people on here say they have swag, so i just want to shut the word «swag» up. but i agree, both are overused

  12. gamecreaterdude13:

    Nice quote stolen from everywhere on the internet

  13. komvakone:

    did nobody have an epileptic attack?



  15. grendel71J66:

    Hope no one has epilepsy

  16. 00TIDIS00:

    lol peaches head blown off at the end made it even more brutal.


  17. Sam Hermanis:

    That was epic

  18. arsnel366:

    I am talking about todays term of swag not 50 years ago.

  19. TaegukiStyle:

    you are so wrong on so many levels swag isn’t for ghetto people who want to rap you fucking idiot. It’s a term used back in the 50’s and mainly 60’s for famous groups of people who were gay, swag secretly we are gay, and the term to swag or have swag was a code word for having an orgy with other swag members at secret locations. you have been taught, goodbye btw this song cover is fucking amazing though!!!