For copyright issues I’m not the one who made this run, neither am I the owner of it, I am not related with any of the speedrun. This video is the property of This run was made by Besmir Sheqi. Author’s Comments : Finally the 1:30 mark has been broken in the Single-segment 100% category. This is the first Single-segment 100% run that enters the 1:2x range, and it’s only 1 shy minute slower than sparky’s famous segmented 100% 1:28 breakthrough, and it’s only 5 minutes slower than my very optimal segmented 100% 1:24 run so it surely has to be a great speed run. When i started this category for the first time my goal was sub 1:40 so i am glad to see finally i got sub 1:30. This category is my most intensive of all my Single-segment categories; it took me far more attempts and much more time than any other single-segment category. Finally i have decimated the time difference between a single-segment 100% and a segmented 100% run down to five minutes. Sure the difference between my segmented any% 1:03 and my single-segment 1:06 is only 3 minutes (2 minutes less than for the 100% runs) but usually a single-segment 100% run has more errors than a single-segment any% run because a single-segment 100% run is way harder and longer than a single-segment any% run so you can’t really say that my single-segment Any% 1:06 is better than my Single-segment 100% 1:29 just because it has less errors. They are both great runs each one for its own category. And with

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Solution 100 Doors

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