Metroid Prime 100% Speedrun (1:29) 1/12

For copyright issues I’m not the one who made this run, neither am I the owner of it, I am not related with any of the speedrun. This video is the property of This run was made by Besmir Sheqi. Author’s Comments : Finally the 1:30 mark has been broken in the Single-segment 100% category. This is the first Single-segment 100% run that enters the 1:2x range, and it’s only 1 shy minute slower than sparky’s famous segmented 100% 1:28 breakthrough, and it’s only 5 minutes slower than my very optimal segmented 100% 1:24 run so it surely has to be a great speed run. When i started this category for the first time my goal was sub 1:40 so i am glad to see finally i got sub 1:30. This category is my most intensive of all my Single-segment categories; it took me far more attempts and much more time than any other single-segment category. Finally i have decimated the time difference between a single-segment 100% and a segmented 100% run down to five minutes. Sure the difference between my segmented any% 1:03 and my single-segment 1:06 is only 3 minutes (2 minutes less than for the 100% runs) but usually a single-segment 100% run has more errors than a single-segment any% run because a single-segment 100% run is way harder and longer than a single-segment any% run so you can’t really say that my single-segment Any% 1:06 is better than my Single-segment 100% 1:29 just because it has less errors. They are both great runs each one for its own category. And with

[youtube qMq7yUWIM0s]

Solution 100 Doors

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. MrDinvader:

    no they wake up in the morning and say » I got an hour b4 work let me take a shower and eat breakfast then go to work» …. thats what a smart person would do , and I am sure you can agree takes a smart person to speedrun metroid prime, so why on earth would they wake up not shower not eat speedrun metroid then go to work stinking and burned out like «oh hey boss I just speedran metroid my bad»………

  2. Interslicez:

    this is not a TAS and is no where close to TAS quality.

  3. Interslicez:

    hard mode should only add about 10 minutes to your time at the most.

  4. XxNightwolfxX16:

    Its on normal. He is destroying the turrents with 1 missle. On hard they take more then one.

  5. ThograrPowersmasher:

    I like how the space pirate politely waits for Samus to finish opening the morph ball door before resuming to shoot her.

  6. HeartBreak2291:

    Is this on normal difficulty or hard? I just want to know so that when I do this on hard, I’ll know if I god a bad time because it’s hard difficulty or if I just need to go faster.

  7. shadowdragonx07:

    nu fusion suit ish a bonus add on and speed run cheater XD

  8. fattysmash77:

    It’s a tool assisted speed run….basically he uses an emulator to slow the game down frame-by-frame so he can minimize time between actions, ergo faster missile shooting.

  9. Novaline Greany:

    Sprite is slightly smaller, so it could Look faster, how ever, most likely not.

  10. coolmanater:

    is it faster on wii?

  11. Radicalbeast:

    Wait wait… I just tried this, You can’t shoot missles that fast agiasnt the parasite queen.

  12. Radicalbeast:

    Wait… Don’t you have to scan things to get 100%?

  13. Outside998:

    Yes, the game is unwinnable without them.

  14. Outside998:

    For the Gamecube version, you need the game Metroid Fusion, then link your GBA with the Gamecube. You can then unlock the Fusion suit in the game. For the Wii Prime Trilogy, you just unlock it with tokens.

  15. ultimathewarrior:

    *Samus upon seeing Meta Ridley* I gotta kill you AGAIN?!