SMG2 Part I: Storytime

Howdy everyone, stay awhile and listen to my story. It may be the la—sorry wrong game. I’m gonna play through Super Mario Galaxy 2 ’cause it’s fun n’ shit.

[youtube 48wSeBVNSg8]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Lactose723:

    Is this a 100% run?

  2. dividedyoufall88:

    I think this was the point I was trying to get across. Thanks for pointing this out to me.

  3. MousePunk:

    Don’t forget to name each video something gross and childish. IE; «Mario’s Bloody Toilet Period Rape Of Bowser»

  4. SgtSmilies:

    I believe it’s pronounced «Master [STAR] Luma.

  5. magcargo101:

    In my humble opinion, I think this more edifying form of entertainment is far superior to «RAPE! BARRELS! AAAARRRRGGGGHHH!»

  6. John Suitepee:

    Nice that the thing under Mario’s hat speaks in Playstation buttons.

  7. CaptainTwelve:

    The kind of LPs that seem to be popular/are the standard on Youtube, obviously.

  8. dividedyoufall88:

    Out of 22 people, you’re the only one who didn’t get the joke? 😛

    Watch Retsupurae’s episodes on Pewdiepie, you’ll understand.

  9. xaax666:

    great stuff

  10. crazygeek777:

    This guy totally copied Pewdiepie,
    Wait a second, no he didn’t. pewdiepie is terrible, and this guy is brilliant.

  11. benjamillion:

    i think he’s referencing that douchebag, pewdiepie

  12. Strife Maximilian:

    What the hell kind of LPs have you been watching!?

  13. Hf Beal:

    All the Mario Galaxy music is fantastic. I especially loved the SMG1 observatory music and how it got more intricate as you progressed through the game, eventually becoming a sweeping orchestral piece near the end.

    Also, articulate, entertaining commentary over a great game. Subbed!

  14. Guardianslayer999:

    isn’t it just like Mario to absorb anything in his path and become even more powerful.

  15. xmybrilliantx:

    My favourite thing about Galaxy 1 & 2? The introduction of Lumas. I love me some chubby, cute little stars that make adorable sounds.

  16. Lemileant:

    you have convinced me to galaxy the mario a second time

  17. vookatos:

    Because that’s Diabetus, not Slowbeef.

  18. Poogadooga:

    He said ‘Mario’ correctly every time.
    How is this even possible?

  19. HellSong212:

    «I can’t read that.»

    Perfect juxtaposition with the dialect betus was going for, 10/10.

  20. hkfreak:

    No one talks about the amazing music.