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[youtube fXNH8Ql7D8g]

WalkThrough Iphone

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комментария 22

  1. ArmyRanger841:

    sweet altair gets one of his weapons back

  2. BertalanLol8:

    Altäir 4ever

  3. Kevin Lee:

    Lucy looks a lot like Kristen Bell in the email. lol

  4. Derp McDerpson:

    So, they’re holding Desmond prisoner inside a secret lab facility and can’t afford to have the outside world learn about what’s going on, AND YET THEY LET HIM USE THE FUCKING INTERNET!?

  5. Ninjadude973:

    Lol that happens to my sister Everyone time I drop from the sky in Infamous 2.
    Love doing that.

  6. ShellBabyGaming:

    Im terrified of heights, but my stomach doesn’t drop on this game. It has on games like Infamous and Prototype, though…

  7. Katie Franken:

    oh cool! didn’t now that!

  8. sev7prodigy:

    thats because it IS Kristen bell

  9. Minecraftianlegacy:

    Altair for the win

  10. Stephanie Zwart:

    They talk like they’re from the future omg Desmond

  11. Katie Franken:

    Lucy looks so much like Kristen Bell! And she sounds like her too!

  12. LstXxyle:


  13. TheJAYZEE25:

    no drew brees

  14. TheMrsmanman:

    I love you <3

  15. awesomethe goat:

    0:42 Nice argument

  16. awesomethe goat:

    0:42 Nice dialouges

  17. rocknflip66:

    hey its Nathan Drake playin as Desmond

  18. droid1700:

    Your mind thinks it is in the situation that it is seeing. When you drop in real life, your stomach drops. Because of what your mind thinks it is doing, your stomach drops.

  19. Jonas KoglerRitter:

    some advice for this guy who made ​​this game skip those parts of speech

  20. NobodyYouKnow09:

    Is it weird that my stomach drops every time he jumps down from anywhere? I’m not scared of heights or anything, so I’m not sure why it does that.

  21. mac19971:

    Cool beans XD

  22. Sc0f1N:

    i am jewish