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Here’s something I haven’t done before… A Full Synchronization guide for a game. Each video in this series should hold every single mission in a Sequence with a guide on how to achieve 100% synch on that mission. No messing around! This will be a pure story playthrough, every second you guys views will be story progression. Hopefully will be uploading a Sequence a day. Sequence 5 The Janissaries / Memory 1 / Full Synchronization The Arsenal Gates / Memory 2 / Full Synchronization Arsenal Infiltration / Memory 3 / Full Synchronization Portrait of a Lady / Memory 4 / Full Synchronization Signs and Symbols, Part II / Memory 5 / Full Synchronization The Forum of the Ox / Memory 6 / Full Synchronization A New Regime / Memory 7 / Full Synchronization «What’s a hard save?» It’s something I’ve been doing since AC2 to up the difficulty. I only upgrade armor when the game forces me to through the story line. I do not upgrade the crossbow I’m allowed to upgrade weapons. This let’s play will be completed in hard mode. If a Memory doesn’t have commentary, it’s because I didn’t replay the mission. Why? It must’ve been too easy or impossible to get less than 100% synch! Meaning replaying would’ve been a bit pointless. That said, this should only be a problem in the first few sequences. Assassin’s Creed Revelations Let’s Play Assassin’s Creed Revelations Walkthrough Walk through Assassin’s Creed Revelations Guide Assassin’s Creed Revelations Gameplay Assassins Creed Revelations

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  1. Tomlin1132james:

    Poor Altair, dang…

  2. spiralgamer:

    I must have gotten really lucky because thanks to poisons and assassins, I managed to get more than 40 to live

  3. pineinapple:

    7:39 dance, women. dance!

  4. SkyloftHero456:

    the first couple times i did the arsenal gates mission i accidently killed a few of the rioters.

  5. PlayingGames13:

    I heared Arthur Holden while chasing the Templars. I automatically thought of Sibrand standing at his ship screaming XD

  6. Simplypokioh:

    at 5:00 it sounds like Tarik says «no murdering!»

  7. waffleslolyum2234:

    if you get in a crowd that is moving dont tuch your controler he will move by him self

  8. runenoob01:

    In the first memory, you need cherry bombs (as said), if you don’t have any, there is a chest on your left at the beginning after you press accept. It contains cherry bombs. Hope this will help.

  9. mangaluverplusu:

    :-Dzs pm o e,bxnnlm le c

  10. timonosinga:

    at the portrait of a lady mission, you can also throw money, also works

  11. flammablezeus:

    Man, even with poison and assassins, you have to get really lucky to protect those 40 citizens.

  12. karatekid1ish:

    no one dares dislike this video. if you do, the creed will find you.

  13. ryanwynn17:

    I think that the part where a dude attempts to assassinate you is scripted, as it happened to me at the exact same part.

  14. Jake Smith:

    I appreciate you doing this in one long segment instead of being one of those douche bags who split it up into over 100 videos to get more money.

  15. CreeperKid98:

    18:17 that guard used to be awesome like you, then he took a knife to the spine

  16. CreeperKid98:

    i dont understand why your videos have so little amount of views compared to @CaptainSparklez you are really good.