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100% English. As I get even closer to the final battle with Ash or Red its time to head into the Cerulean Cave to get ready to capture Mewtwo. Please support the official release out NOW!

[youtube MoOyyBy7eS4]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Chesseynugget:


  2. Chesseynugget:

    Dude just couse he compland still like it

  3. sonicnjill2k9:

    yay now i got a mewtwo!!!

  4. 민윤 채:


  5. 민윤 채:

    i’m sorry but ur really going to fast and u have cutted some of the things ur doing right now if you want just click on my name and go to SSProductions he helped me on pokemon emerald so…. yeah Mrtechman124 is out peace ^^ 🙂

  6. whootsley:

    Next time you make a video, dont talk its annoying, we can see wtd you are doing and can follow it with out your shitty commentary. Pople are definetly not going to gove you 5 stars and subscribe to a kid bitching and complaoning about how much he deserves. Thanks for the vid, on the next lne just shut up and type what you think you need to say.

  7. XfiercesoulX:

    Thanks for the walkthrough….Although I wouldve actually rated and liked this if you hadnt complained so much.

  8. Tarutaru0:

    Don’t whine to the audience you are trying to impress. It is deplorable to them and you.

    And screw you for getting the useless items along the way.

  9. nalinip218:

    how to you get regigigas if you do please post a video.

  10. DifferentKindofGlam:

    how did you get leafeon on ur heartgold??

  11. ChaoticDarkShadow:

    Grinding lots and lots of grinding.

  12. weasel4716:

    omg omg omg thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. PainandMotivation:

    how did you get your pokemon so high level exactly?

  14. menameBEchuck:

    Love you

  15. sora kidder:

    i got a revive from the ruble

  16. atakerer:

    Nice job on the walk through look forward for more.

  17. kittysmileyface1:

    Thanks you helped me a lot but I has a question what happens if the mew2 fainted?

  18. supersuchomimus45:

    i actually forgot my zapdos and was not ready for flash

  19. daniellabeenkens:

    dude you can catch lugia too go to pewter city on a rock is a guy that found a silver wing