Solution 100 Doors новое For ALL the answers you need! Also alot of more games and solutions. This video demonstrates the walkthrough of 100 floors level 24 For more answers to this and other games, please subscribe My Channel:

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  3. 21BOBALINA:

    Omg!! Now I feel stupid!!

  4. heaven98765:

    If the door keeps dropping I find it helps to turn the device upside down. Or maybe that’s just my phone being weird.

  5. Sk8tr32111:

    When I do that the door closes it’s self

  6. 555sonap:

    when i put the third finger the doors drops …why does that happen???

  7. BrosephDeathCap:

    Thank you!

  8. patriot266:

    That made me feel stupis

  9. B3auty5150:

    That’s 4 maken me feel stoopid lol thank u tho

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    … Now I feel so stupid. But thanks anyway!