100 Gates новое

Back to the first island for the last time. This level isn’t very hard in itself, but I had to restart a few times until I managed to jump all the way up the walls without screwing up. Struggling for several minutes doesn’t look very good on video 😛

[youtube 9xbJEhPzDIM]

100 Gates

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. ghfellan94:

    Please tell me I’m not the only one who hear «money for the good enough» sometimes when you lose an aku aku-mask. Just listen to 2:35

  2. MissDanii1903:

    I’m not sure if this has been asked before, but at the first end portal where the gems are, how or what do you have to do to get them bigger? It always puzzled me and never found out =^_^=

  3. Jacob Busterboy:

    I like this level and the music because its so relaxing and i like the voices going «cha cha cha cha eya»

  4. BigEWR:

    This place feels more like Hawaii.

  5. MostWantedEST:


  6. N1ko312:


  7. MostWantedEST:

    Do I have to complete The Lab first?

  8. Drako8299:


  9. Torgeytits:

    Or, could be polynesian too. Hard to say, but definitely isn’t African nor aboriginal.

  10. Torgeytits:

    It probably is, seeing as all the oogabooga levels in CB2 are based on Aztec stuff.

  11. SexabIe:

    I thought it was native american

  12. Lukey1390:

    If you jump in the iron box at 0:20, and stay on the top of it, you get an extra life 😀

  13. TheRastamax06:

    2:03 WTF ?