Relaxing ambient music, nature sounds, soft sleep tracks. For meditation,Yoga, study & work. Ocean sounds & soothing music Official download site: Today’s Relax TV program schedule 1. Tropical sights with slow music 0:00:34 2. Cloud time lapse relaxation 0:06:19 3. Holiday lounge 0:08:26 4. Ocean music to sleep with 0:14:53 5. Soothing wave sounds 1:05:13 6. Soft music with relaxing river sounds 1:33:39 7. Zen garden (nature sounds) 2:03:54 8. Surf 2:34:08 9. Sunsets with sleep music 2:46:58 This video was inspired by the official Caribbean Lounge full HD series, featuring tropical beaches with 5.1 surround sounds of waves, refreshing mountain rivers and captivating underwater landscapes. Available for instant download in 1080p on the official site of the studio. Run time 210 minutes. You can easily set a natural oasis at home and reduce stress with sounds of nature and beautiful scenery… Download and play it on your laptop, iPad, HD tablet, iPhone, smartphone or HDTV. RELAXING MUSIC It is our second broadcast with soft tracks from some of the most talented ambient music composers. All the music videos were edited using the footage that can be purchased on the official site mentioned above in full HD 1080p format. This 3 hour long nature video features over 100 exotic landscapes accompanied by nature sounds and beautiful soothing music. 18 months’ work on Lounge V project resulted in hundreds of hours of relaxing nature footage, enough for a separate

[youtube 6zqpDVyCB2Y]

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