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WalkThrough Iphone

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комментариев 14

  1. CountWondermann:

    This ‘series’ really needs part numbers or something.

  2. shet0421:

    If she did, the ambulance would the cops because of Ethan. Remember? Ethan is being tracked down.

  3. xShinobiOtakux:

    he did crawl on the front of them…

  4. ItsMeDoubleL:

    Ethan didn’t want an ambulance, remember?

  5. breckiboygiggles:

    Madison: I need to disinfect his wounds.
    Me: You need to call an ambulance you stupid bitch!!!!!

  6. bagelbites101:

    I know now but thank you. 😛

  7. GreenAndcyanDiamonds:

    there is numbers on the oragami

  8. Nyalbel:

    She only tended to one arm? I’m pretty sure his other arm is just as bad as well as his knees :/

  9. Lkenmaner:

    5:00 That’s not how you properly dress a wound!!!!

    Reminds me of the time spent in ER dealing with trauma patients…

  10. percyjacksonfan13:

    there are numbers on the figures

  11. GrandBahamaBoy:

    She really has great timing as to when Ethan needs help.

  12. Harold3843:

    love how the front of his arms are cut when he crawled on the back of them…

  13. Xavier Taylor:

    hahaha ikr

  14. loopofpoop:

    So what about his knees?