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And we’re back for Part 2 of Super Mario Sunshine Versus! And there is literally, 10 times more fail in this episode. So GET READY! Cause it’s going to be frick fracken hilarious!!! If you’re new to this, this is what’s going on. Pretty much what this is is JoshJepson and I will be starting from the beginning of the game and racing to beat the game 100%. We will see who can beat the game the fastest, with both of our footage on the screen at the same time. We will also be keeping track of progress and such, and the results from each episode will be shown at the end of each episode. A new 30 minute part will be released every Saturday! 3D Project Stingray Logo Made By: www.youtube.com We are also encouraging you to race along with us! (we mention this in the video) Go ahead and post a video response to this video with your part 1 of the race! Here are the rules: 1. You may post one part at a time (1 every week just like us) 2. You can not skip the first main cutscene that is skippable. 3. You may not cut out any footage, it has to all be kept in. (can’t cut out fail) 4. Your part can only be 30 minutes long (except part 1 can be 33 minutes long since we accidentally went over, we won’t again after this) 5. Commentary is optional 6. You may post a cam-corder recording. 7. You are allowed to split your parts into two 15 minute parts if you can’t post 30 minute videos. 8. Once you record up to 30 minutes, you have to stop right there, save, and exit the area. You can’t have

[youtube xglxbw0JmEs]

Super Mario Galaxy

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комментарий 21

  1. Ace SkyWalker:

    tucans attacking tucans

  2. DaisyPapaya1:

    Team chuggaaconroy

  3. DarkenMidnacrystal:

    having fun talking to yourself?

  4. Nintendo Yoshi:

    I vote for JoshJepson because he did not call us bicht’s

  5. Kevin Toledo:

    30:27 XD LOL: it was past 30 min. but you let him get the… is it called sunsprite… SHINESPRITE! i think it is Shinesprite. (I stand corrected)

  6. Kevin Toledo:

    29:53 — He’snot gonna make it for sure

  7. Kevin Toledo:

    22:50 — Wow. First time a video has to load in this let’s play

  8. Kevin Toledo:

    I’m actully here for both reasons

  9. HappiestLeaf:

    For everyone watching at home, he censored «masturbation»

  10. Kevin Toledo:

    (December 19th, 2012) I voted for you, Josh. (I’m not a girl)

  11. jumpyzebra9:


  12. GaomonGirl1212:

    on attacking tucans thing i saw shadow mario and josh has 21

  13. Cassie Davies.:

    When you collect ten blue coins you trade them in for a shine. In order to 100% this game you need all shines, meaning you’d have to collect all 240 blue coins in the game.c:

  14. maxorite2000:

    the nintendoclubisun

  15. mrminecraftskits:

    team chugga

  16. amacmck1967:


  17. firelover669:


  18. cooldudezzable:

    team chugga

  19. Wessel Van der vleut:

    im in the joshjepson team

  20. KawaiiAnimeVamp138:

    I didn’t get to post my team until just now. My team is AttackingTucans. That really surprised me, seeing as I watched The Runaway Guys as my first LP. But even then my favored player was ChuggaConroy. Too bad Josh.

  21. cat rampage:

    ive never played or seen super mario sunshine soooo… WHAT THE HECKK DO BBLLUUEE COINZ DOOO!?!?!?!