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Like us on Facebook: While Mario searches for the UPS man, Snake and the crew face off against Blaire. Stupid Mario Brothers — Episode 68 Bloopers: Stupid Mario Brothers — Episode 70: Coming Monday, April 16th. (All episodes will now be released on Mondays) Check out the Season 5 Playlist for all other Episodes and Bloopers: To all our fans, thank you very much for your support over the years. Also, a special thanks to everyone who donated to make Season 5 possible. This last season is for you guys! TAGS: Stupid Mario Brothers Bros Richalvarez Season 5 Nintendo Wii Funny Video Luigi Wario Zelda Pokemon Yoshi DK 3DS Playstation Vita Metal Gear Solid Snake Super Video Game Link Skyward Sword Party 9 Galaxy Bloopers YouTube News «Live Action» POYKPAX «Game Over» «Mario Kart» Bowser Ganondorf Ganon «Smash Bros» Brawl Melee Remix Theme Song «Funny Mario Video» Mario Frustration Games Online «Real life Mario» «Mario Parody» «Super Mario Bros» walkthrough Smosh Epic Rap Battles ERB Interactive Stupid Mario Brothers — Episode 69:

[youtube -p0GdAoQwjA]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментариев 13

  1. MultiBobandjoe:

    Blare is fat

  2. T3RB3R9:


  3. Eric Lance:

    I wonder when ash is coming back???????????

  4. ShadowWolfNoreku:

    snake u forgot rule number 1

  5. SpeedMaster642:

    Rich might i ask why you made Waluigi throw his beam sword away

  6. WolF Snip'n:

    WHAT! SNAKE ?!?!?!?!?!?!


    There not really stupid anymore


    Waluigi: You picked the wrong day to be an asshole.
    Okay you guys have to admit that was pretty badass.

  9. georusso:

    wait only snake can use his gun

  10. Bryson Reeves:

    Well he did pick the wrong day to be an asshole, so he probably deserved it.

  11. SS4Brony:

    my brain was screaming when i saw that i was like WHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

  12. per00fume:

    Why did waluigi throw his beamsword?

  13. Lakerzrock10:

    What’s with the audio?