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itunes.apple.com 2011 has proved to be another extraordinary musical year in the lives of Cosmic Gate. It’s already brought the release of their early years retro-refit album ‘Back 2 The Future’ — singles from which took up residence in Beatport’s Top 10 for an unprecedented 3 straight months. They’ve also delivered their hugely received Essential Mix debut for BBC Radio 1 and have already brought the CG experience to close to a 100 clubs, arenas and festivals around the world. Now — saving their biggest and best till last — they’re about to crown the year with the release of their new artist album. Nic says: «Wake Your Mind is our collective call-out to the EDM universe. We want this album to shake up people’s conceptions of our music…» «And blow the lingering, out-dated misconceptions to pieces!» adds Bossi. On Wake Your Mind vocals play an ever-greater part of their sound-design and the album sports some of their very best. Taking time out from his film & TV singer-songwriter activities (including work on Easy A & Grey’s Anatomy), Cary Brothers provides the contemplative, low-fi, rock-ish refrain for the album’s outstanding title track.

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  1. Ben Karpin:

    cary brothers is actually one dude — «brothers» is his surname

  2. Progressive559:


  3. Ryan Germain:

    wow gives me a sad feeling at 1:40 & 2:12

  4. thugjamzable:


  5. Andreilg3:

    woah dude cause djmag matters right?…you know that the higher somebody gets on djmag the worse music they’re going to make

  6. Carlo Reyes:

    Damn, I really want that CG comes to mexico.

  7. Fares AlKurdi:

    Also The 1/2 Cosmic Gate Remix is way better that the original Tiesto ft Cary Brothers — Here on Earth (Nic Chagall Remix)

  8. HivemyndMusic:

    This, and «Ride». Love both of those tunes! Cary Brothers are great

  9. TheMattGlenn:

    Wow haha everyone hating on the male vocals, go listen to Here On Earth by Tiesto featuring these guys (Cary Brothers) and hopefully you’ll change your mind

  10. tantonbo1:

    Have you heard recent releases they all sound the same :/

  11. JabroniMusic:

    @DannyboyTiestofan and yes I definitely agree about tiestos old stuff… At least he WAS good. Unlike David Guetta who was always shithouse

  12. JabroniMusic:

    @DannyboyTiestofan well when I named those dash Berlin tracks, I did so because I think they sound great. And so do a shitload of other people. If you don’t like them, that’s fine. They definitely aren’t pop though. Just because they don’t follow a perfect armin van buuren formula of generic trance doesn’t make them pop. EDM has come such a long way due to people trying different things in their music and so thankfully every song of each genre won’t sound exactly the same.

  13. DannyboyTiestofan:

    That’s and old acc. and this is not an answer, this is how a child saves his opinion… I agree that nowadays T sucks, but think about tracks like Just Be or Sweet Misery… those were good vocal tracks… But this have nothing to do with Jonathan Mendelsohn, who haven’t singed in a good track since Nic Chagall’s This Moment… «says a tiesto fan» is not an argument…

  14. JabroniMusic:

    says a tiesto fan….
    biggest sellout in trance
    he hasnt produced a decent track in years