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Darrell Lance Abbott (1966 — 2004), also known as «Diamond Darrell» or «Dimebag Darrell» was the legendary shredder from extremely popular Pantera, which popularized groove metal in the nineties. Darrell’s playing skills were praised and he won many awards and had his own long-running column in Guitar World magazine (which was compiled into a book). Darrell created amazing riffs and created amazing, melodic solos. Whammy bar harmonics and string slides were his trademark. After Pantera broke up, Darrell joined Damageplan along with his brother Vinnie Paul. A man named Nathan Gale shot Darrell and few other people in the middle of Damageplan gig before getting shot by police. Many theories about the motive exist. Still after his death Dimebag continues to inspire many new guitarists. Funny fact: The man being punched on the album cover of Vulgar Display of Power was paid 0 by label executives, or a punch. It took 30 punches to get the right shot. Cowboys from Hell: 1. Famous intro riff and jump to the solo from the allmighty «Cowboys from Hell» 2. Amazing solo from «Domination» 3. Great playing, «Psycho Holiday» and it’s guitar solo 4. First solo from their beautiful ballad «Cemetery Gates» 5. Amazing second solo from «Cemetery Gates» 6. Phil screaming in really powerful sounding falsetto and then Dimebag copying his screams with whammy bar «Cemetery Gates» is ranked number 35. on Guitar World’s «100 Greatest Guitar Solos» 7.Long and Amazing solo from «The Sleep

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  1. KronikDethPainz:

    some related videos (usually appear above all the videos related to the current one your watching) are there due to your recent searches , as youtube uses cookies to help you find videos tailoured to your interests. it seems you’ve been watching peado videos lool.

  2. KronikDethPainz:

    8 years today rip

  3. Alessandro Mandara:

    listen the passion in dimebag. i have an eargasm

  4. Irideallamawithtoast:

    Why the hell is «pedophile caught in the act» in the related videos?

  5. izybluffen:

    Dimebag like Ayrton Senna is GOD !

  6. danterbl7:

    Es un DIOS!!!!!

  7. blakkheim636:

    fuck fuck fuck Dimebag is God

  8. BlackT0othGrin:

    Psycho Holiday is the best Dime solo IMO…

  9. Soulendeavor:

    You’ve had NOTHING at all to do with the Dime! So the least that you can do is accept a video response from a fellow musician. Support the little guy man!!!


  10. MisterSpiritualRapis:

    King Diamond Darrell

  11. drummerdevil98:

    R.I.P. to my favorite guitarist of all time. I will haunt the world for all eternity if «the sleep» isn’t played at my funeral!!

  12. Dimebag516:

    What an amazing man.