100 Gates новое

Part 3/3 of Vol 1: Chaos Gate If you dont want to cycle through the parts, you can watch the whole video by following this link: www.gametrailers.com First part of the Warhammer 40K Soundtrack Collection that I have made. Originally this was meant to be a slideshow of Warhammer Artwork only, but as time went by I chose to combine that idea with the music from 3 games of the Warhammer 40K Universe. This has resulted in over one hour of Warhammer music accompanied by 100 pictures from the particular games, and around 400 from the Warhammer artwork world. You can visit my blog for more info on that. korax.gametrailers.com

[youtube BG-ukxyr5Ug]

100 Gates

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментария 22

  1. Guilherme Tormen:

    milk for khorne flakes

  2. sangvinhun:

    well you just got your xcom

  3. Wylvien:

    What is funny about warhammer 40k and other games set in a distant future, is that almost everyone is white. This is funny becauses — Most white people will be minority in their own country just in a few decades. Not to mention 40 000 years.

    Google : «White american minoriuty 2042» -US census bureau.
    Google : «Ethnic british minority 2066» -Telegrap.

  4. RenegadeOfSociety:

    Nightmare Before Christmas came first, so it wins I suppose. I think NBC would have been a much different film if aided in the making by 40k fans.

  5. prothoraxe:

    Yup, definitely thought of that as well, a little too similar…. I wonder if there was any influence from either one onto the other or vice versa.

  6. SiahRainmaker:

    No, I mean like, Mozart, but chanted instead of the legit version

  7. Henkersmahlzeit:

    gothified versions means: same pseudo-latin that is written all over the 40k universe?

  8. SiahRainmaker:

    They are actually singing either old Christian chants or «gothified» versions of classical pieces, depending on the song. I know this because I’ve managed to write down all the lyrics (except for 2 songs, not on this track list). Now, if only I could find the .doc where I have them D:

  9. TheMetalfreak360:

    It may kinda come true, the site Gog . Com, will maybe make a version that can run on newer OS like Windows 7. Let’s just hope they do, my cd don’t work anymore, and if it did, I doupt it would work on Windows 7. Want to play another game like this, turn-based is perfect for the warhammer world.

  10. gigasloth:

    Blood for the Blood God!

  11. oSwiTcHzo:

    oh thanks. at least i could stop wondering. lol

  12. Henkersmahlzeit:

    I’m sorry but i don’t think that they are singing anything at all. It is the same semi-latin that is used on warhammer 40k tanks… sounds like latin, doesn’t mean much.

  13. TheStalindlrp:

    it will run fine on vista just install it
    but it can take awhile for the installer to run

  14. MarkusRamikin:

    Virtual PC is your friend.

  15. 8peregrint8:

    such a great game, too bad it can’t run on anything but windows 95 :..((

  16. oSwiTcHzo:

    can anybody plzzz translate what r they singing in the track «Chaos Gate» been wondering since i was 10 when i played the game for the first time =(((

  17. Hydra000001:

    OMG YES!!!! Word Bearer dlc for DoW 2 TAKE MY MONEY RELIC TAKE IT ALL!!!!

  18. MrBuddydan:

    Id love to put these on a Cd so i could play them in the car!

  19. Hydra000001:

    Warhammer time for everyone!!!! :D

  20. BardoMr:

    =)see ya in space marine

  21. Kerze:

    Run in compatibility mode with it set to windows 98. I have it running on windows 7.

  22. Helghastdude:

    Let your dark soul FEEL THE LIGHT OF THE EMPEROR *Bolter Blast*