Diablo 3 How to make Staff of Herding Normal Mode How to Guide Whimsysshire Diablo 3 Cow Level Check out the annotations in this video for a link to another video of mine where I explain how you can upgrade your Staff of Herding from the Normal version to Nightmare/Hell/Inferno versions of the staff! or go here! — www.youtube.com Hello everyone, I am ATRon The Gamer, and in this video I explain how you can create the Staff of Herding in Diablo 3 on Normal mode. In this video I will go over what each of the items that are required to make the Staff of Herding are, and how to acquire each one of them. The Staff of Herding is required in order to access Whimsyshire. Also keep in mind that while my video portrays me getting all the items on my first attempt I definitely did not get them all on my first try! Each item took several attempts with some taking longer than others (My 2 biggest struggles with acquiring the materials necessary were with Leoric’s Shinbone and The Gibbering Gemstone!) so keep in mind that you may need to remake the game several times to acquire each necessary item. This is how to make the staff in order to access Whimsyshire. Act 1 — Leoric’s Shinbone and Black Mushroom — Take waypoint to Leoric’s Manor, backtrack towards the entrace of the building and go into the room to the North East that is to the side of the stairs. Check the fireplace for Burnt Logs *THIS IS AN INTERACTIVE OBJECT* and Leoric’s Shinbone should drop for you. The Black Mushroom is

[youtube eZqkecPce7M]

100 Rooms