Assassin’s Creed Walkthrough — Part 4

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[youtube h7qQABRyeKY]

WalkThrough Iphone

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комментариев 17

  1. ArmyRanger841:

    Do you think that guy saw Altair coming at him

  2. Robloxshowz:

    wait in the last video he got stabbed, what happens after that?

  3. BertalanLol8:

    I <3 ALTäIR

  4. Mrshimayhem:


  5. XgamersXdimensions:

    I’m going to but the Ezio trilogy set. Includes Brotherhood, Revelation, & #2. Then I’m going to but #1.

  6. issa123123:

    4:12 FALCON KICK

  7. issa123123:

    The first Ac game i ever played was 2 and i want 3 but i want to know the story first so I borrowed brotherhood and Revelations from my friend and now im watching the walkthrough for this and i have to admit i can see why altair has so many fans hes just awesome

  8. xBladzeMasterx:

    l have Assassins creed 1 , 2 and 3 there just awesome

  9. Ninjadude973:

    Altair and Connor sound awfully alike…

  10. celtic889:

    Nope Altair>Ezio

  11. rofbum916:

    For not being that awesome

  12. Isaiah claude:


  13. dinosaurpotatoes:

    thank you if you like ezio you clearly didnt play the first one and im talking about when it was released it was amazing!!!!!

  14. LstXxyle:

    He Jumped On Everyones Face

  15. bishop1190:

    no hes in revelations and just one part in brotherhood

  16. bishop1190:

    everybody shut up altair and ezio are both awesome assassins so shut up

  17. peaceout023:

    to everyone who is fighting about which assassin is better