Song title: Eru no Ehon (Majo to Rafurentse) エルの絵本【魔女とラフレンツェ】= El’s Picture Book (The Witch and Lafrenze) This story is more about «The Gates of Paradise» opening then it is about El and Abyss itself. A baby girl left in the woods in adopted by an old witch who names her Lafrenze assigns her the task of guarding the gates to hell. The witch warns Lafrenze not to forget about her vow to protect the gates. After the witch dies, Lafrenze is good to her word for a while but then meets and falls in love with a harpist named Orpheus, whom is seeking to save his wife from hell by seducing Lafrenze so she’s distracted long enough for him to enter the gates. Once she learns of his betrayal she curses him and his wife so that when he looks at her, she vanishes forever. Then the gates close. NOTE: The story of Opheus and Eurdyce is a real greek story. It tells of him traveling into hell to find his wife, and him being warned not to look at her until they exited hell or she’d vanish forever. however, in that story he pleaded to the gods and charmed them with the lyre, a kind of seduction. in the song he seduces lafrenze instead.

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