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Song title: Eru no Ehon (Majo to Rafurentse) エルの絵本【魔女とラフレンツェ】= El’s Picture Book (The Witch and Lafrenze) This story is more about «The Gates of Paradise» opening then it is about El and Abyss itself. A baby girl left in the woods in adopted by an old witch who names her Lafrenze assigns her the task of guarding the gates to hell. The witch warns Lafrenze not to forget about her vow to protect the gates. After the witch dies, Lafrenze is good to her word for a while but then meets and falls in love with a harpist named Orpheus, whom is seeking to save his wife from hell by seducing Lafrenze so she’s distracted long enough for him to enter the gates. Once she learns of his betrayal she curses him and his wife so that when he looks at her, she vanishes forever. Then the gates close. NOTE: The story of Opheus and Eurdyce is a real greek story. It tells of him traveling into hell to find his wife, and him being warned not to look at her until they exited hell or she’d vanish forever. however, in that story he pleaded to the gods and charmed them with the lyre, a kind of seduction. in the song he seduces lafrenze instead.

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  1. Shinterymi:

    In fact we can hear «Creature’s voice : onore Lafrenze……..» then «Unsatisfied — nikuki Lafrenze»

  2. yumwaikit:

    About 最後の門の番人: this phrase should be understood as 最後の[門の番人] instead of [最後の門]の番人 so it should be translated as «the last guardian of the gate» instead of your translation «the guardian of the last gate». The reason is that in the lyrics, 門(gate) is written as 黄泉(deep underground=afterlife), which should never have an order such as «the last».

  3. FunnyGigglez:

    Okii, thank you ^_^

  4. invaderjupitor:

    Lafrenze is the daughter of Dornroschen (Sleeping Beauty) who was cursed by Old Rose to die and then later to abandon her daughter. There’s a little annotation near the beginning of the video that explains. It may be a little hard to grasp if you’re not familiar with the album Marchen and the brothers grimm fairytales.

  5. FunnyGigglez:

    I’m sorry, but who EXACTLY is Lafrenze? Is she El, a witch….

    Great subbing by the way, subscribed to you as well ♥

  6. nobodycaresmeimei:

    Oh I see, sorry =_=’

  7. invaderjupitor:

    they never say «dam you Lafrenze» and whatever is written is what they said they say «unsatisfied» «hated lafrenze» «how dare you lafrenze»

  8. nobodycaresmeimei:

    What do the monsters say before ‘dam you Lafrenze’?

  9. CherriBlood7:

    I use Youtube downloaders like listentoyoutube.

  10. invaderjupitor:

    I use mp3 rippers and youtube videos for most of my music, but my sound horizon music came from CD’s.

  11. chica80010:

    How did you download the music?

  12. invaderjupitor:

    You’re confusing Greek stories. That story is about different characters, although the Queen in that story is named Eurydice she’s not the same as this woman. The story of Orpheus is different (the man with a similar name in that story is Oedipus) The story of Orpheus and Eurydice that this song pertains to is a musician tricking the gods into letting him fetch his wife’s soul, and foolishly looks at her after their warning not to until they both exited the gates of hell.

  13. xCrystalKiss:


    Yer amazing.

    Totally. Freaking. Subbed.

  14. CherriBlood7:

    Thanks, I will go check that out^^

  15. invaderjupitor:

    I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed my translation! I’ll be finishing Elysion in the coming months. I have the remaining songs translated, I all I need to do is made a video and put in the subs. If you would like to know more about the story I have a link to a very simple blog I made (it’s listed twice on my channel’s sidebar) that explains each song in good detail.

  16. CherriBlood7:

    Thank you so much for an accurate translation, I just downloaded a bunch of Sound Horizon songs to my iPod, such a wonderful band I’ve just lately come across ♥ I’ll have to check out your channel now and then, maybe I’ll have to subscribe and wait for more Sound Horizon translations~ (More Elysion’s songs maybe? I’ve fallen in love with some of them, but I still don’t quite get the story..)

  17. invaderjupitor:

    I’d think it’d have something to do with that. But the lyrics literally dub it as «the creature’s voice». It does seem likely, however, because it speaks of a grudge and hatred.
    Sound Horizon is always very vague with their lyrics, only they truly know for sure the intentions and meanings behind it all.

  18. invaderjupitor:

    Literally it’s «creature’s voice». I took the lyrics directly from the lyric booklet that came with the album. The voice is saying «hatred lafrenze» and how dare you lafrenze» either because she forgot her vow to guard the gate and gave up her virginity (which was the reason why she was able to be the guard to hell) or because its harboring a hatred of her.
    Whether it’s an actual creature or otherwise or why it’s yelling those things I’m not entirely sure of. Only the band truly knows.

  19. kaizume:

    I love this song! >.< but dont you think that the " monsters" voice is actualy the damned souls behind the gate of hell? There probly pissed at lafrenze cuz she wont let them out.

  20. Farorai99:

    My favorite song ever!!! Thank you very much for the accurate translation, your work is so awesome and helps me to understand a lot (becuase, well, I’m really slow with Japanese)
    Elysion is so a wonderful album, but over all the songs, this has something that trapped me into it.

  21. invaderjupitor:

    I’m very happy to see that my subs have been a help to you. I fell in love with the Elysion album after a friend introduced me to Ark a long time ago. Sound Horizon, especially Elysion, has been in my top favorites ever since. I’m very glad to see another fan of it XD It’s simply too amazing a collection of stories and music to not have loving fans.

  22. Ayumichigo:

    Thank you so much ;_; I’m falling in love with Elysion’s album and it’s one of my favorite song!!! Thank you thank you thank you >___< <3

  23. invaderjupitor:

    I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed my subtitles! I was really hoping that translating and subbing would help people enjoy the song and feel the brilliant stories in the lyrics, so i’m really thrilled to hear you say that it’s helped you! Thank you for the sweet comment and thoughts too! It really means a lot to me.

  24. ethickca:

    awesome song made even better with the subbing! XD i hope this gets tons of veiws! it is so good and helped me enjoy the song that much more!