Pokémon Black 2 & White 2: Forcing PokeStar Studio (PokeWood) Stuff as Wild Pokemon

Updated with some information from Serebii Updated with the rest of the missing information on base stats, types, and abilities. Updated with English names. Ever since I had seen footage of Pokewood in Black 2 & White 2, I had wondered if the opponents were programmed as Pokemon since they had HP, and you fought them. A sprite sheet on Spriter’s Resource appeared shortly after the game’s release showing the Pokewood opponents starting at index number 650, which is right after the last regular Pokemon, Genesect. I decided to try forcing them to appear in the wild in the game to see what would happen, and decided to make a video of it. Interestingly, most of them have unique cries, types, different stats, genders, placeholder graphics as backsprites, and whatnot. They might also have moves that they learn via level up, but I didn’t really experiment enough to find out. They also freeze the game upon capture, as the game tries to view what I’m assuming is a Pokedex entry that doesn’t exist. It would probably be possible to have one of them in your party by using a code that replaces a Pokemon in your party, or perhaps a fossil modifier code. But really now, who wouldn’t want their own Judo Jim to train? Sprite sheets from Spriter’s Resource: Regular: www.spriters-resource.com «Shiny»: www.spriters-resource.com Here’s a list of the index numbers for reference: #650 — Glitchy «UFO» Egg. (Normal type — No ability — 1 base stats all-around) #651 — Glitchy «Brycen Man» Bad Egg

[youtube -R9Y89UHeXY]

Solution 100 Doors

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  1. Ignacio Martinez:

    Mine error, is 2AF 😉

  2. Ignacio Martinez:

    There are more weird things replace the 02AC001 on the code with 02AE001 and you can meet battling eggs and a unown glitch I dicovered

  3. ocarina546:

    Nice editing

  4. Jazmine Marrero:


  5. Jazmine Marrero:

    this is my mom’s account but why did this guy use a master ball to catch a ditto? i caught one with a regular pokeball

  6. TheEpicMinecrafLover:

    Oh,and how do you get Missingno.if he has no number?

  7. TheEpicMinecrafLover:

    Is there ANY WAY AT ALL to catch these guys? I wanna make my brother go:WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?!?!?!

  8. Jason McCauley:

    what the heck all it does is give me a voltorb?!?!?!

  9. Ethan Klaes:

    I like the last comment

  10. boxerjoe2003:

    Brycen man + Jinx cry = MINDFUCK

  11. Connor Moore:

    I Just trid catching this and it didnt work lol

  12. knuclear2010:

    and i mean legally, with backsprites and everything >:)

  13. Krookodile:

    It’s possible to inject them into your save if you’ve got the rom.

  14. knuclear2010:

    If only we could catch them, train them and bring em online or the PWT. The fun we would have.

  15. phoenix man:


  16. Krookodile:

    I used a code. Check the description.

  17. phoenix man:

    how did u do this?

  18. wwefanzz1111:

    and the one after that looks like an evolve form of that guy

  19. wwefanzz1111:

    first one looks like it could be a metal silcoon or cascoon

  20. stormskyras:

    They all sound like jynx XD

  21. ben harris:

    For a second I thought m.v2 was a shiny m.v

  22. ZombieKillZone45:

    So this is a Sprite test?

  23. tonyzheng800:

    The one after the giant lady should be a normal Pokemon, It sorta looks like one that should be