Splinter Cell Double Agent — Geothermal Plant 6:03 Speed Run / Walkthrough

100% Perfect stat speed run of the Geothermal Plant mission in SCDA (EXPERT). Click below for more missions. www.youtube.com

[youtube ZyROErlo0-4]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментария 24

  1. MrFercarrizo:

    4:34 Nadie le dispara ..

  2. select899:

    @juneyaka Lol. don’t matter,
    if you can do this level in 4minutes that would be entertaining to watch! 😮

  3. select899:

    @juneyaka post video pls?

  4. Minimikeism:

    Wow these graphics look amazing… what are the hardware specifications?

  5. select899:

    PC specs?

  6. Josh Ben-Dan:

    why did they even make a last gen version of this game

  7. dmcdantedx:

    to guys that dont know how to swim faster press E on pc version

  8. Wong3112:

    Only On hard mode

  9. Wong3112:

    i love you ‘-‘

  10. Wong3112:

    Yep!!!! damn hard

  11. Mistradir:

    This mission is WAY harder on the xbox 360 version than the pc version.. trust me =P

  12. BioOrganic1:

    It was sad to see John executed, oh well. Prospy05, will you marry me?

  13. GSpeedEmotion:

    Why none of you assholes make a vid about using the unlockable gadgets in a mission (or all missions)

  14. joezzq:

    I havent tried your way yet, but is really quicker than taking a right at 4:50? curious

  15. joezzq:

    Agreed, in all terms i think Chaos theory was much better, and built in detail (except for graphics).

  16. jenky57:

    lol as u can se the mouse at the beggning XD

  17. narutimateha:

    dis game is also on 360 and ps3.

  18. prospy05:

    no mate pc version

  19. wowoGM:

    Is this the xbox 360 version.

  20. Black1cBalla:

    man you really own this game i almost had you my best time on hard is 06:11

  21. SplinterCell45:

    if double agent was like chaos theory, meaning that knocking out and firing a bullet doesn’t deduct your score,i’d like double agent better

  22. prospy05:

    yea so does each shot that you do aswell i think, chaos theory way was much better i think

  23. SplinterCell45:

    it kind of sucks that knocking people out deducts points from your score. i’d get 100 percent every mission if it was like the old games

  24. Shaun Howley:

    Gee, John sure is a fast swimmer.