What is a good vacuum cleaner for about 100 dollars?

Вопрос Plan B: What is a good vacuum cleaner for about 100 dollars?I found this one. Is it any good?

Hoover Silver Star H4507

* 1700w motor
* Barrel Type
* 5.5L capacity
* Silver colour
* 4 stage filtration
* floor tool, onboard tools, 5m cord
* electronic speed control
* compact and lightweight
* 12 month warranty
My budget is kind of low but if it’s worth it, I might spend some more.

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Answer by the_unluckiest
Pretty much all $ 100 vacuums suck. They give you a 1 year warranty because anything longer would mean they’re constantly replacing your vacuum. Yes it’ll do its job but eventually it will lose suction. If you can afford it, you’re better off buying a Miele for $ 250+ which gives you an automatic 5 year warranty and is considered the best vacuum maker on the market.

But don’t expect a $ 100 vacuum to be outstanding. All vacuums are great starting out, but the cheaper ones and cheaper quality builds lose suction very quickly and become frustrating.

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  1. Bill Z:

    i have had many vacuums in my life. i now have a bissell that i bought at target for 75 bucks. best one i have ever had, and the cheapest too.