Mega Drive Longplay [186] Shadowrun (Part 1 of 3) Played by JagOfTroy There are many games that come into our lives and alter who you are, becoming a part of us for the rest of our lives. Shadowrun is one such series that after the first time I played it I had become heavily engrossed in everything to do with the canon behind it. I felt it would only be rightfully justified for me to bring a longplay of a game I loved so dearly and have often heard requests for needing to be done. This is done with 100% completion, including the overlooked secret side quest towards the end of the LP in which you collect the passcode to run the CHERNOBYL. There are parts with heavy grinding and bits of story scattered through it in the beginning but the bulk of the story is tackled once my team is strengthened to take on the rest. The game is very true to the pen&paper RPG that it is based off of, even the Matrix system in the game follows the ruleset. An interesting tidbit to note, the new ‘Shadowrun Returns’ game that was launched as a Kickstarter project will be featuring an additional storyline that will tie in the plot from the Genesis and SNES games. NOTE I stated it below in case no one reads this, once I get to about 05:20:34 — The bulk of the grinding is done so you can watch the game as normal. There will be points that I need to grind up more nuyen but it is entertaining for those that really enjoyed the decking. -Scenes- 00:10:14 — Paying off Michael’s debt 00:35:20 — Paging Dr.Haversheen to the ER 02:58:36

[youtube 2uz5XcKWtBM]

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  1. Zeithri:

    I am so happy to see a Shadowrun Sega playthrough on Cubex longplay channel, that’s also a Shaman playthrough! They’re just sooo rare X_X

    I will watch this more seriously later.
    And myes, I am hyped for Shadowrun Returns (50$ supporter, if I could, I’d paid more).

  2. TheBlackStar999:

    Thanks for the info, chummer! I’ve wanted to play the tabletop version for years now but could never find the manuals…

  3. SamuraiHonor:

    yea, i just ran into a shop a while back.
    Had the revises celebration core rules, with GM screen and tons of little extra’s was pretty epic.
    you can find it if you know where to look and with a bit of luck, ebay should land you some stuff as well, or special events =3 happy running!

  4. Kentaro21:

    Speaking of which, is Shadowrun still sold in stores? The RPG, not this game.

  5. Yurusenai:

    Well the story of SNES version was bit more interesting to me. It was more like book story, but genesis version was far more complex, and close to typical paper sessions. Both games are the only, best Shadowrun games. I hope that new kstarter project will bring back shine to the series.

  6. triplestar100:

    holy drok,chum, for real? (like what I did there?LOL) man, I’ll be on the lookout for those…it be hella cool if you not only can choose your class- Decker, Sorcerer, Samurai or balanced- but your species as well: Draconians, Kitsunes, Lychens, Vamps, Trolls, Elves, Gorgons, etc. the possibilities would be endless! as long as they make it all in an open-world environment- as I said before, something a la «Saints Row 2 meets Skyrim», with tonsof sidequests, it’ll be all cheers!

  7. SamuraiHonor:

    tbh the shadowrun shooter got me into shadowrun.
    the shooter is a great and balanced shooter in its own right. but too much shadowrun for the non SR fan and not close enough to the real shadowrun for the die hard fan.
    I love the shooter to death, together with games such as avp 2 and NS2 alternative shooters <3

  8. mortemp:

    @ triplestar they already had 2 succesful kickstarter events for a shadowrun mmo and another single player rpg. Best news so far they got both guys responseable for this game, and the snes’s versions music for the new ones. Good times ahead. Cheers chummers

  9. UltimaKeyMaster:

    I remember a Let’s Play of this where the guy fumbles around failing at using magic with the same starting class for the first few parts. XD

  10. triplestar100:

    this game was GTA before GTA was born! even tho I prefer the SNES version, this one also has a soft spot in my soul. it was ShadowRun & FF7 that got me into RPGs. it’s sad and quite infuriating how Microsoft murdered this franchise making it an «FPS»(yuck!!!)…one of the reasons I despise that genre! IMO, if ShadowRun can be resurrected, it should be something in the veins of «Saints Row 2 meets Skyrim», y’know, open-world futurist settings with medieval creatures & tones. one can dream, right?

  11. ScrapChild1979:

    The SNES version had better music for sure.

  12. MyOtheHedgeFox:

    Do you need to? I think DeceasedCrab has pretty much summed it all up with his style and «kitsuuhn». =)

  13. spoonshiro:

    Just bought this game yesterday. It’s fantastic.

  14. CrazyasaFox:

    I’m glad you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed playing it for one final time and bringing it to all the Shadowrun fans out there like yourself and me.

    It is rather long with a ton of grinding involved to make the characters into powerhouses by the end but it is well worth it I must say.


  15. CrazyasaFox:

    Yes yes… -_-
    I’m adding it to my official ‘To Do’ list when I finally feel up to.. playing.. that one..


  16. CrazyasaFox:

    By far, I recommend the Genesis/Mega Drive version over the SNES.. but.. everyone keeps asking for the SNES one so I may force myself to sit down and do it finally.


  17. spikeriley:

    Better than the Xbox 360 Shadowrun.

  18. spikeriley:

    Probably, but the SNES could be censored.